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Digital Marketing / SEO

Product Description

I Provide:

Amazon keyword ranking (SEO)

Amazon customer reviews (Verify & Unverified)

Reviews helpful votes/ Q & A votes


Helpful Votes:

Positive votes or up votes help your review and product to rank higher on the Amazon algorithm. To generate more sales and drive more traffic to the product that you are selling you would need to have helpful votes. Up votes also help you to make your online store look reputable. My service is safe and secure with a strict policy that ensures that I provide you with what you need at the time that you need it. Get 100 up votes for just $20 and be on your way to becoming a prime dealer on Amazon. We also offer down votes at the same rate.


Questions and Answers:

Do you want people to be drawn to you and your products? Do you want to generate a list of recurring customers? Then you definitely need to give them answers to questions that they are asking you. Help your customers understand your products and how they add value to their lives by using the question and answer section your Amazon store. The questions and answers help customers to see the human part of your brand which would make them trust you more. We charge $5 for questions and answers that meet the need of visitors on your Amazon store. The Q and A content are to be provided by you as you understand your products more.


For AMZ Votes

Using New and Old both kinds of verified account.

All the Questions and Answers will be post Manually.

One account is used to post one One Questions or Answers

You can split 10 Questions and Answers  to 2 or 3 days.

You can use Multiple Listing for 10 Questions and Answers

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Need review link for start work

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