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Translation services from English to Arabic and vice versa Special concentration on Economic and Accounting materials, I have a University degree in Accounting and Economic, and a license of Auditing, I worked in this field for a long time in multi-national oil companies (Shell and PC). I attended many training courses, core and non core, in many countries in Europe and the middle east. Such contact and exposure to different cultures enabled me to improve translation quality to fit exactly the intended meanings, with special concentration to the economic, accounting and law. I may work on line, or a translation position anywhere, I am retired from oil companies. I had good training in: team work, inter personal skills, negotiation skills, time management, project management, risk management, art of change etc.. I am working as a volunteer now in an NGO ( Family Planning Association), branch of IPPF. I translate document such as marriage contracts, civil status, not convicted, diplomas certificated, commercial registries, property deeds instruments, bank statements, courts verdict decisions, work proof documents, health certificates, applications filling, family cards, birth certificates and so on. I did some professional translations for legal or economic subjects and accounting analysis, some medical subjects and stem research, and social science subjects. I like new challenges, and experiences. I like travel and happy to deal with different cultures well off,

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