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About Me

David Ramirez

Writer, Consultant,

Among the words used to describe me are: aggressive, tenacious, creative, unorthodox with a flair for the dramatic or as I would call it achieving tremendous positive impact on the objective.
In 43 years I have been on this planet, I have been involved in business in one form or another since I was five years old. Owing to the lack of a sitter I was carted along, and this is where I have learned most of the valuable lessons that have served me well in life.
While sales and marketing is my bread and butter, coming up with creative solutions to resolve significant issues in a relatively short period of time is my forte. My brief interlude in college was after all in management.
Advertising, not just in the sales and marketing department, but as an active member of the team that conceptualized, designed and implemented them. From rendering the graphics up to the installation or implementation of the clients project I was always hands on.
Logistics: Originally assigned to sales but perennially on loan to various departments excluding finance, I learned how to plan and organize the various resources to achieve the seemingly smooth interchange of delivery from point a to b. This is where I learned that straight lines are not often the answer to meet your deadline.
Management: The recruitment and training of the appropriate people for the job at hand is the best way that I can describe my tenure in this field.
All of this describes where I have been, and what I am capable of. What I can add to that is resolve and pride. Whatever project it is that I undertake I always make it a point to make it the best that can be done. I don't do partials, I always deliver complete and finished work.

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