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Search Engine Optimization

I am expert in keyword research, keyword analysis, Backlinks, URL rewriting (that is my main expertise) robot.txt file optimization and Meta tags as well. There is another important aspect is competitor analysis to compete with your competitors in digital market. It all about white hat SEO and according to new Google rules of SEO.

SEO is very essential for your website. By developing a site does not promote your business. It is the SEO that promotes your business at its peaks.


  • Search Engine Marketing


  • Degree Bachelor In Software Engineering
  • Year 2012 - 2016
  • College Name PUNJAB UNIVERSITY , Pakistan


  • Job Profile Local SEO Engineer
  • Year February,2015 - Present
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I am Search Engine Optimizer... And work on different freelancing Site... Having Good response from my Clients My Work "www.dotainternational.com


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