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Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer having 3+ years of professional experience.
- Able to take idea from conception and transform it into a highly marketable end product.
- Proven experience in catalog, branding, packaging, point of sale, print collateral, photo styling and advertising.
- Talented team member and driven team leader.
- Able to produce powerful results in a timely manner.


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  • Job Profile Graphic Designer
  • Year December,2015 - Present
  • Company AizTek Technologies


Responsible for all sorts of designing stuff i.e websites, UI Design, Brochures etc.

  • Job Profile Graphic Designer
  • Year March,2016 - Present
  • Company Ad Mark Solutions


Responsible to design facebook posts on daily basis.

  • Job Profile Graphic Designer
  • Year April,2016 - Present
  • Company E Clinic International LLC


Responsible to create websites and apps related to medical health.


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