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IT Support

I possess 10+ years of varied experience in IT & Infrastructure Management, handling the entire IT of the company.

I have lead India IT division of a very reputed Singapore based company called Keppel Land International (mid size in India) with a turnover of $1.5 billion.

Glimpse of myself:

1. Highly versatile, experienced in adapting and implementing the latest technologies in new application solutions.
2.Able to work adaptively in team as well as individually, build rapid prototypes, and implement scalable projects
3.ITIL Process knowledge of Complete IT operations
4.Responsible for liaising with clients, project documentations and ensuring quality delivery.
5. Exceptional analytical, communication, prioritization, problem solving and leadership skills with ability to create and sustain high work tempo.

You will find me dynamic, active, confident, and personable person, whom your organization can rely upon. I also have large experience that will give the comfort & versatility to place me in numerous situations with confidence.


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