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I have good skills as a front-end developer, designer and picture processing.
My background was ehough to work with local websites of Nokia company (5 years).

I'm interested in data-driven projects, data presentation and animation. If you have such project and it is interesting, I may give you a great discount.

Also I'm an "algorythm lover", and if you have some unusual logical tasks, feel free to discuss. Sometimes I may help for free.

It's rare, but I have an experience with Tumblr templates. So if you want to tweak your Tumblr page, you are in right place! Seriously.

And, of coure, I know what does it mean "in time", "workflow" and other required stuff to work in a team (5 years in Nokia is a good school).

So, let's do your project!


  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • node.js
  • D3.js


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