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Niki Browning

Freelance Cover Artist

I have been a cover artist in the publishing industry for the last ten years. In those ten years I have gained valuable experience and insight into the design aspect of covers as relates to marketing. This includes placement, titling, font and color choices as well as overall layout. I am proficient with industry-standard design software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat. I am also knowledgeable in formatting for different ebook publishing platforms such as Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

I pride myself in my ability to understand the Author's needs and temper them with what the Publisher is seeking and strive to always design a cover that is eye catching, innovative and appropriate to the current market and genre. I strive to keep my ideas fresh and new taking advantage of new market trends and styles in order to keep covers relevant in today's markets. I work well with Authors and consider myself to be a good communicator and listener.

My goals are to continually educate myself in the ever-changing market of the ebook and print publishing industry to better serve my clients and those they represent by creating the best possible cover to sell their book.

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  • Adobe InDesign
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