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Software Developer and Script Writer

My top clients are:
1. J Gray Technologies, LLC and Your-CIO, a consulting/technology practice dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in taking charge of their Enterprise Technologies
2. Black Smith Agency, An award-winning design agency
4., The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki

I've been working as a freelancer since 2012.
Qualification: Masters of Science in Information Technology
I am a thorough communicator.
I have worked on diverse projects including:
? Automating the tasks using PHP, WinAutomation and Ubot studio
? Extensive experience of AppleScript
? Emails automation of any kind
? Fillable PDF forms designing
? CraigsList automation of any kind, [Ads Posting, Auto Reply, Captcha Bypass, Email Scraping]
? WebBrowsers Automation including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox using iMacros, AutoIt, AutoHotKey, C# and Java
? Automating and building Applications and Scripts using Java, AutoIt, AutoHotKey and Pulover Macro Creator, C#
? Implementing APIs by Google (Analytics, Maps, Adwords, Sheets)
? Data mining of any kind (images, text, emails, files)
My core competency lies in Automating the repetitive tasks using scripts, and I'm seeking opportunities to build trust from the ground up for you and your business.

I also have experience in the following
? Scripts and Utilities development using PHP
? Cross-Platform automation (Win, Mac, Linux)
? Object Oriented Programming using Java, Android Programming and C#
? Web development using Java Servlets, ASP.Net, PHP
? Sound knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, JQuery
I only take projects where i feel confident of its successful completion.
Tests Completed:
Java v2
Java v3


  • Marketing
  • Web Scraping
  • AutoHotkey
  • Software Development


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