Creating a web presence through a website is something many internet enthusiasts have considered. Once you have made up your mind that you need a website, the next big question for many is whether to start from scratch and put together your website or use the so called CMS websites like WordPress or other CMS platform. But first, what is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. This is a system where a lot of website framework is already in place. In simple terms, all you have to do is to fill it with content and the relevant plugins and you are ready to go. This option is ideal for non-techie people although even highly technically savvy people can use it with good outcome. To make a choice between the two will be determined by the purpose of the website and the skills of the website creator. Consider the following.

building a website from scratch vs wordpress

Content Management System WordPress

Building a website from scratch


  • You make the website look and ‘feel’ exactly how you want.
  • You have total control over your content


  • It is time-consuming to create
  • you need some programming skills and so not for everyone
  • you need a lot of time to maintain the website

Building a website through a CMS framework


  • it takes a much shorter time
  • it is cheaper (the free WordPress)
  • non-technical people can use it and create passable websites
  • it needs less time to maintain


  • Doesn’t allow much flexibility
  • May take a lot of time checking on the codes for your website’s security and stability
  • For total functionality, depending on the purpose of your website upgrading to WordPress premium and installing all the plugins you need can be expensive.

These are just a few of the considerations to make when choosing whether to build your website from scratch or use a CMS framework like WordPress.