The Waze Carpool is Google’s App for Carpooling, which is a trusted community of drivers and riders for making it convenient and affordable. The App is working in Pilot stage through the US Bay Area.

Waze Carpooling App:

Google’s Waze carpooling app has been exploring in this area since last year, testing it in the San Francisco area and Israel. It is now ready to expand in other cities in the US and Latin America.

What’s the difference between Uber, Lyft, and Waze?

The Waze’s app is only for ride sharing or carpooling. Uber and Lyft involve cars along with the driver. The carpooling concept is not new to the World. Many people are doing it privately, and there are already some Apps developed as freelance work for providing this service within a specific area or within a group of friends / a Company. Carpooling is more affordable than Uber and Lyft, and drivers are heading to a specific area are invited to pick up others who need rides.

The Drivers are not ‘cab drivers,’ and they are just the ordinary people going to their workplace. So this is a concept and change in the way of thinking rather than a money making business or a cab service. Currently, the drivers giving rides may cover only their costs, but in future, it may be profitable for them.

Would you or the other person be comfortable riding in some stranger’s car? It is a social question, and within few months, you should see the answer to this question and people’s comfort level.

How does the Service Works?

The service allows commuters to pick up and drop off passengers along their route for a small charge. Currently, during the pilot programs, your rides require bookings in advance. There are challenges of drivers not accepting certain requests and vice versa.

Google has created this App, and with its vast resources in technology, GPS, maps, etc. the App can identify delays in traffic on certain roads. No one can start this as a business at the moment, and Google is also not making any money on this App right now.

The Carpool isn’t a separate app from the main Waze navigation app. You get a ride via the same app, without the need to switch to another App. The goal of carpooling as well as implementation only the ride-sharing. The key difference between services like Uber and Lyft is that they are private cabs with drivers.

Carpool has the intention to reduce the number of cars on the road by pooling together people who are traveling in the same direction. It also man, the Carpool is pairing drivers and riders who live or work near each other. It ensures that there is no need for drivers to go out of their way to drop off a rider.

Currently, the riders pay 54 cents per mile, which is the IRS reimbursement rate for business car travel, and Waze doesn’t intend to change that right now. The Drivers are also allowed to offer only two rides a day. We don’t know what Google’s plans are in future, but right now it is an App with all good social intentions, and no one is making money through this service.

The Waze Carpool’s goal is to reduce the number of cars on the road, and it is relying less on profits and more on drivers’ and riders’ consciences to make that happen.

How do you Participate?

Download the Waze Rider app for free on Android or iOS. Schedule a ride in advance, and Waze Rider will look for the closest member on the App who is already planning a drive on your route. It is not for children( so, don’t expect all children safe arrangements on the car you are riding), and the rider must be 18+ years old. Google says you can help your community and earn some extra gas money with this App. Here, you always have the choice to accept or decline a request. The Drivers must be 21+ years to accept riders via Waze Carpool.

Driver and Rider Matching:

The App connects riders and drivers with nearly identical commutes, based on their home and work addresses. With advanced mapping techniques, the App connects carpool partners from the same area, making it easy to carpool with your neighbours and colleagues. The Auto insurance policies in many states allow not for profit carpooling, and it is safe to be a rider on someone else’s car from the insurance perspective.

Pick up and Drop Off of Riders:

Riders and driver matching is based on locations verified by the App, and set in advance through Waze Carpool. Since drivers are most likely on their way to work, they’ll be going through their regular route and gives a ride on the way. The Waze Rider matches only one rider to one driver for a one-way ride. You can’t complicate picking up three people on your way with multiple stops and issues of everyone reaching to work on time.

To make a positive impact on rush hour traffic, Waze Carpool is only available for two rides a day, one to work and one home. Waze Carpool matches one rider to one driver, per one-way ride, to and from work.


The Waze Carpool makes it easy to help someone in your area to reach office or come back home along with a friendly buddy. You are reducing the cost of travelling for you as well as the rider. You can see the App reviews on sites providing freelance tips. You are reducing the number of cars on the road in the rush hours. You are reducing the carbon monoxide from all riders car each day. Don’t you think these are enough reasons for this service to be popular? Some areas also have carpooling lanes and stopping on the way may not be an issue. You may adopt to this platform based on your personal computing needs and preferences. It’s a greener, economic, and social way to get to work and can make a positive impact on the society.