You must have heard about YouTube TV in last few months, and that is about to become a reality soon. These are no more rumours, and Google has confirmed the same with an official announcement. The freelance websites have been talking about it for long.

What is YouTube TV?

Streaming of live TV is already there, and there are websites and Apps showing TV channels. The biggest hurdle was the speed of the internet. With high speed, uninterrupted services (at least in the US) the services are becoming popular. As all broadcasts are already digital, it is possible to pull all high definition channels onto digital media and provide lots of options (TV channels) to viewers.

The dream of watching TV when you want, what you want and wherever you want is going to be a reality soon. Providing such service needs main feature of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and it is an integral part of YouTube TV.

Which Channels can you watch?

The initial tie-up is with more than 40 networks including Fox, CBS, NBC and some big cable players like FX and USA. The service is targeted towards YouTube generation and includes 10 sports networks. It is a direct (and biggest) competition to Sling TV and Sony PlayStation Vue.

Where do you watch YouTube TV?

The new digital live TV will work on Android and iOS, so Google has got live TV to your phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. With a device like Google Chromecast, you can do the live streaming on your large TV.

How will the YouTube TV work?

YouTube TV is currently going to launch in the US, and there is not confirmation about its availability in other countries. You will have to download an App on your Android or iOS device. The browsing is made easy and you can select your favourite topic or shows and can have a page to list all of them. You can cast/publish them onto your Television screen.

Key Features and Availability

  • A DVR so far was an electronic device to record video on hard disk drive, USB, SD cards, etc. Not Google is offering unlimited cloud DVR storage. An extension of this feature is to add specific show or sports to your favourite list, and all videos related to that ‘topic’ will get added to your list.
  • Your cloud based storage can save as many videos you want, and it is not going to consume space or data from your phone. The recording retention is going to be there for 9 months, and you can rewind, fast-forward all recorded videos and can skip the commercials.
  • To make the features more user-friendly and compatible with your Cable TV, you can see the preview of all live-TV channels, and you can watch one of them while recording another one. You can watch the video in portrait or full-screen mode. The recorded videos go into your library, so you are either on ‘Live’ TV or watching something from your ‘Library.’ The only third option available is ‘Home,’ which you are used to with YouTube showing recently watched, your favourite, etc.
  • The most important question of when will YouTube TV be available still doesn’t have a definitive answer, and it is likely to be sometime in spring of 2017. Also, it will be available only in the US and that too larger markets only at the launch. Slowly it will spread to other cities in the US and then outside the US.
  • Search is the strongest feature of Google, and it is available in all of their services. You can search for a theme/topic/show and can get the listing for selection. It is soon going to be a reality to watch all your favourite channels and recorded videos on your smart phone wherever you go.
  • You must be already using Google voice commands, and it’s possible to provide voice commands to the live TV also.
  • Google will provide text chat and voice chat support within the TV App making the support process simple. Multiple Digital TV experiments earlier had failures due to support issues, so this is going to be the prime key for sustainability and expansion of Google’s new service.

What about YouTube Red?

The ‘Red’ service launched by Google in 2015 was to provide you an ad-free experience, and with the new service, it will get connected to the ‘TV’ service. As ‘ads’ are the main source of funding, having a totally ad-free experience is not possible on the digital TV also.

Personalised Experience

With cloud based DVR, there is a challenge for the traditional TV operators and the key difference is your cloud DVR will never run out of space. All other live TV operators have either planned or started offering this service.

As we can see in all new digital services and Apps, the personalised experience has taken a front-stage. YouTube TV is providing you your customised DVR with your choice, your wish-list, and recommendations especially for you. It makes the service a key differentiator to the cable TV operator (even if your cable TV is digital). Every new service and product brings some opportunities in the market and look for freelance work opportunities in this area.

Live TV Cost:

As per the information available, the basic package should cost your USD 35 a month. The best part is you don’t have to get into any contract with the company to get started. You can cancel the subscription anytime, and six members of one account (may be one family) can access the content. They will have their personal preferences and recommendations will be specifically for them. Your social connectivity is taken care in the App.


Live-TV on digital devices was a dream for several years, and though it became a reality a few years ago, the key features are about to be launched. Google YouTube TV is going to provide you the experience you always desired and the way you want to use your digital devices and services. Totally keeping the young generation as the target audience, this service will soon launch and seems it will be a super-hit service from Google!




Kitty Gupta