‘Artificial Intelligence’ is the studies of science process that make us understand to create formal thinking and solve the problem. In the long view, Artificial Intelligence could not more compelling as the area of growth for this century. In short view, there is a gap between demand and supply of software engineer at the time of moment in the US. Now, it is very hot for deep learning, language technologies, Robotics, big data mining, vision, Robotics and biomedical Artificial Intelligence application. Currently, for hiring freelance AI developers there are a lot of companies and that field gives training and experience to only minimum people. In this field, there are 2 kinds of people. First one is the engineer, who cannot code and second one is an Artificial Intelligence researcher, who cannot do anything without proper instructions. Ph.D. graduates are given an average salary of $140K and the shortfall of supply is looking to be increased. If you are living in the U.S., then it gives attractive opportunity.

Salary with Artificial Intelligence degree:

The fascination of electronic and computer hardware behaves like a human that have to gain more interest since the science fiction becomes popular since 1950. However, it is not a fiction for any longer. These days will be specializing that the Artificial Intelligence engineers are developing computer and technology of Robotics, which is operated similarly to a human mind.

The working in Artificial Intelligence depends on the education and selecting discipline. It can provide you with excellent income. In the year of 2010, freelance AI developers have reported by the international conference on the information security. AI has shown that the top games and face recognition of software programmers have earned the annual income of 125,000 dollars. A Bureau of Labor Statistics is combined to information of wage for engineer degree with Artificial Intelligence. It was reported in the year of 2010 and gave the annual salary of 92,030 dollars. As same, the Robotic engineers were earned the annual income of 102,190 dollars.

Impact of location and base track for average in AI degree:

AI work can be influenced into the salary that can extend into sizeable. For the instance, BLS information has disclosed annual salary for computer engineer as 125,700 dollars in Columbia district, New Mexico at 112,110 dollars and Virginia at 104,800 dollars. For example: implement the Artificial Intelligence in the freelance websites and that field has annually invested in 146,990 dollars compared to another sector of 116,330 dollars like education and sales.

Although the AI is able to be secured as an entry level salary in given position of AI with higher education and bachelor degree equated to the paying jobs. The master degree or Ph.D. graduates in the computer science will mainly focus on the Artificial Intelligence. Then you will work in the same way to top at the well-paying companies. You can conduct AI research and become a part of the expert in a network or Robotic scientist. People are coupled with experience, education and employment length that can be translated to the position of high-paying with the certain technology companies. For the instance of the international conference was reported Artificial Intelligence and information security since 2010. Google has noted that the paid annual wage is in between $112,000 USD and $250,000 USD, which depends on the employee seniority level.

Average salary of Artificial Intelligence:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. can be categorized into the Robotic engineer, general category in Engineering and all others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, other engineers were with an annual wage of 93,330 dollars; ever since 2012 with the highest earning of this profession is making 116,660 dollars and the lowest earning of 68,770 dollars. Other source offers only robotic programmer that is specified only information. According to the freelance websites in the year of 2010, the international conference was held in favor of the Artificial Intelligence and information security. A Robotic scientist makes an annual wage of 90,000 dollars per year.

Artificial Intelligence entry level of salary in different countries:

Robotic programmer makes different salaries that are depending on the region. Here are given some of the following annual wages that are listed below.

  • A Robotic programmer in the New York has a range of $83000.
  • Professionals in Michigan and Mississippi have made between $72000 and $78000.
  • Programmers have a range of $68000.
  • New Mexico has made an annual wage of $63000.
  • Florida made in $67000.

Moreover, According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in all engineers made highest paying salaries in a metro area of Alaska and Anchorage at the 125,910 dollars, Washington D.C in 119,530 dollars and Bethesda Md. in 118,450 dollars.

Evaluating seniority and field:

Most of the Robotic scientists need only master degree in licensure and Robotic engineer from the state in order to fit and survive in the competitive world. Still, a programmer with the bachelor degree is only on hirable. For example, Worcester Polytechnic institute in Massachusetts offers bachelor degree in Robotic engineer and noted that 2011 graduates were earned an average wage of 58,731 in that field. Furthermore, information about the programmers working from ten to twenty years in that AI field before can earn high salary. The Robotic engineer, who are working for the government of federal that is significantly made only highest paying salaries rather than another sector of counterparts employee at the average wage of 111,060 dollars since 2012.

The engineer of artificial engineer in Robotics works well on already constructed electrical and mechanical mechanisms will program as a machine minute operation and motion. Even the programmers are hiring only bachelor degree candidates. Many Artificial Intelligence programmers receive doctorate or master degree in the Robotic engineering course. Because the experience of AI requires for entry-level and upper-level position, then the Robotic engineer will be expected to make annual wage of more than 90,000 dollars.


If you have got Ph.D. graduates with Artificial Intelligence core, then you will find in demand of yourself by the employers. In 2012, BLS is reported to only limited number of Ph.D. graduates in that field at the educational level and creates shortage for all companies needing them. BLS will indicate only 15% of growth in occupation via 2022 and father than 11% reported for combined occupations. So, certainly its being the high time for making a great future for yourself by choosing this Artificial Intelligence field.

Kitty Gupta