Programming is the best career choice in the today’s world and more services are shifted in online. It pays well and offers a challenge to anyone, who picks the right coding as your career. However, select it as your hobby or career raised many questions in the youngster’s mind. Most popular question for beginner has started to learn the code, which the best programming language to learn for a beginner. To begin with, it can consider as huge bit daunting for the first time that there are several different programming languages available to pick from it. Not only that, sometimes it can be difficult to pick which one could suit you or which one to begin with it.

There are many other factors that help to decide the best programming language for a novice. These factors are a job opportunity, geography, popularity and salary. But if you are looking for the programming language that is very simple and intuitive syntax, then it makes an overall learning process easier. Such programming languages are very easy to learn and choose up when compared to others. The easiest programming languages are very popular and freelance services have a large community dedicated to teaching. So learning the easiest programming language for a beginner should not be much troublesome.

A list of coding language is not only easy to learn for a novice, but also consider as the most and best profitable programming languages to learn in 2017. For those hire freelancers who are thinking to learn the code or make the right career in coding. Here are the easiest and best coding languages to learn for novice learners.

Top 5 programming languages:

  1. Python:

Certainly, Python is one of the easiest coding languages to learn for novice learners. It was developed in the year of 1980 and gives an open source, free to use and even used for commercial purpose. Usually, it is referred and used for a scripting language, which is allowed programming to roll out of a little quantity of easily functional and readable code within short time period. Further, Python is dynamic; supports object-oriented, functional and procedural programming styles among the others.

Python is widely used in a high level programming language in today’s world. Some official tutorials are easy to follow and less emphasis on the syntax, which would suit for beginners. It is the best stepping stone for moving and learning another object oriented language. Python is used by many well-known companies like Google, NASA and Yahoo. Django is one of the best web application frameworks written in the Python in which the power is very popular on a site such as Instagram, The New York Times and Pinterest.

  1. Ruby:

Ruby is very similar to Python, which is simple and easy to read for people who do not have kind of programming experience. Ruby is a dynamic and object-oriented scripting language that is used for website development and mobile applications. It is one of the best languages that power their framework and ruby on rails, which are behind in the websites like Groupon, Twitter and GitHub. It is mostly used for the development of backend as well as popular sites like Hulu, Slideshare, Bloomberg, Airbnb and Shopify.

Ruby does not have to lean million of new commands like some another coding language. Ruby developer has designed to easy and practical manner. It is very easy to learn with the helpful 20 minutes quick guide on the official website of Ruby. It is straightforward and easy to read with the largest community behind it. There are many documentations available and great resources that help you for better understanding Ruby from a novice.

  1. JavaScript:

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that is used for front-end development. Java is one of the programming languages while JavaScript is a scripting language. It is commonly used in the programming language to create cool games and websites for the web. It is a dynamic and flexible to be used as an object oriented programming. This syntax is derived from the C language.

JavaScript runs on each and every single platform and already in your browser to start learning, which means you cannot need to install it. If you need hire freelancers to build anything, then JavaScript must contain on the program list to learn. JavaScript is well known to difficult language as it’s untyped and difficult to debug.

  1. Java:

Java is a general purpose programming language and most popular language throughout the world. Java was released in the year of 1995 based on the Write Once Run Anywhere principle. It is an object-oriented language; class based and designed to portable, which are find it on the operating systems, devices and other all platforms. Java is used to build desktop apps, video games and Android apps. It is commonly used in server side language for the development of enterprise level backend. In addition to this, it is added to the capabilities of C++ language.

If you are already to know their C++ knowledge, then it helps with the learning of Java. Even though, Java is slightly complex programming language for novice and programmers agreed that Java can be first beneficial programming language to learn. It is a fundamental set of the core concept that helps you as you can be moved to other technologies and languages.

  1. C and C++:

C is used to system software program and OS lingua franca. C has been influenced by all programming languages specifically C++. If you know C language well, then you have probably less difficult to select other popular languages. C language takes more complex code to be performed as a simple task, a novice may find very tough to keep it and motivated if they pick it as the first language. Knowledge of C language will definitely assist you as a programmer.

C++ language is powerful based on C language, which has added object-oriented features such as classes to the language along with template and virtual function. C++ language is another most popular programming language in the today’s world. It is designed for system software program and used to build game engines, web apps, mobile apps and desktop apps. C++ language is very fast and more powerful, which is used to build software like Amazon, Chrome, Paypal, Adobe system and much more. If you are decided to learn C++ languages as your 1st language, then you can feel free to see for a mentor through meetups or find the best C++ code mentor.

Some programming languages are bringing to you for the comparatively easiest and best language to pick from to begin your coding career.  Whatever, you may prefer freelance services and good luck with coding endeavors.

Kitty Gupta