C# is an object-oriented programming and general purpose programming language that is widely used in the development of enterprise application. C# was developed by the Microsoft, which is a principle of programming language such as Dot Net framework. It is generally used to create a console application, GUI application (graphical user interface), web application and much more. These applications are running on the personal computer, embedded system and windows mobile device. C# is offered as many features such as garbage collection and memory management. It is supported to the inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. It also includes a native support for windows based applications and component object model (COM) technologies.

C# language and Dot Net is very popular with all developers throughout the world for programming C# application, which is widely used in the day to day life. In fact, C# programming books are the best friend of people and used for education and entertainment. The C# programming books are well known to the beginners and experienced people alike. The post freelance projects are offering important information about the development of C application. Also, they offer list and information regarding the C# programming books, which are more helpful for the learning process of C# language. They are also used for reference by the experienced and beginner programmers during the development of any C# application.

Top 5 C# programming books in 2017:

  1. C# 5.0 in Nutshell – The Definitive Reference: The author of this book is Joseph Albahari and Ben Albahari. This book is well known for beginners to learn C# programming language. If you want to gets more information from immediate to advanced c programming knowledge. C# 5.0 in a Nutshell book is offering concise information, but also offers a lot of discussion regarding in-depth knowledge of C. This book is offered only useful information for the benefits of beginner reader. It starts with their concise information, but useful background development of C language in which jumped into the data type ground work. It builds upon information in a methodical way and takes programming from there. You will practice your own creation of code sample, which is given in this book with LINQPAD as well as downloading from the web free.


  1. Head First C#: Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman are the authors of this book. You need to learn C# programming language and then it is one of the best methods to learn this book via various examples. Head First C# book offers to learn with their hands on post freelance projects, which are easy to engaging, recall and extended to their suitable beginner perception. Take some examples, a beehive management system project is offering a lot of information about the uses of inheritance and interface for the improvement of code firm as well as avoidance of duplicate effort. This book authors have enlivened with a crossword sprinkling, pool puzzles and quirky humor in an entire book. This index of Head First C# book is including correlation concept with project when it becomes easy to locate on the required content quickly.


  1. Pro C# 5.0 and the Dot Net 4.5 Framework (Expert voice in Dot Net): The author of this book is Andrew Troelsen. If you need to learn a C# programming language, then it is one of the best books in which are available in the present market. This book author writing style is easy to follow and few examples are given that completely error free. It is not intended for those people, who do not have limited programming experience. For that reason, you want to consult to other books first. If you have a good experience, then this book is the best for you. The author starts with every topic of a long drawn method to the program of any task. At the end of every topic, shorthand syntax offers the same task of the C# programming language. In the right way, author provides useful information regarding versatility of C# programming language as well as a lot of examples in the entire book.


  1. C# in Depth (3rd edition): The author of this book is Jon Skeet. This book is mainly catered for beginner and developer, who have few experience of C# programming language. This book structure is simpler and innovative when compared to the other C# programming manual. The 1st chapter starts with a basic of C# language which is referred to the C#1 version. The 2nd chapter is referred to be changing an introduction part of C #2 versions. Finally, chapter 3 is covered with some changes that are made in the C# 3 versions and so on. This is a great way for the developer or beginner, who will get a good opportunity and understands an evolution in the C# programming language. The writer of this book is treated with some topics, which are all successive chapters due to the changes of language element with their various versions of C# programming language.


  1. Programming C# 5.0 – Building Windows 8, Desktop and Web applications For The Dot Net 4.5 Framework: The author of this book is Ian Griffiths. This is the best book in which have to write in the C# language for their benefits of beginners, freelance designer and developer. It has written well and pragmatic about the C# programming language. This book author has paced well for the group of targeted persons, which are new to Dot Net and C# programming as well as experienced programmers. It is an informative, meticulous and exhaustive book regarding C# programming. The writer has explained all concepts in a clear war and offers some examples for only particular concept. It is also covered a wide range of concepts in which completely suits for beginners.


C# programming is one of the niche fields and you never regret your right decision to learn as a powerful C# language. Above mentioned books are the best C# programming language, which is devoted to teaching many aspects of the C# language and development of C# application. There are many other books that can buy it, read well and used for reference in the work. These books are used for both experienced and beginners programmers to be enhancing freelance designer at the level of your knowledge and applying it during the work in software environment.



Kitty Gupta