In the competitive world, most of the people are choosing to study the concept of computer science.  There are different types of algorithm now used to developing coding. The algorithm gives something useful to create coding and they can adapt the content in the coding. For understanding the coding algorithm is important, it defines exactly what is given in the coding. In fact, some of the complex algorithms are embedded with logical thinking and efficient to solving the problems. With the help of the algorithm, you get post freelance jobs in software field. You can find more jobs in online in the current development practices. Most of the top software developers are use the algorithm properly to create coding for specified needs of a client.

Here top 10 algorithms are described in below,

Sort algorithm:

Today, most of the developer use the sorting algorithm and students are mostly studied this sorting concept in computer science. Most of the programming languages are created with the sorting libraries; it is handy to develop coding. In the sorting software engineer should know where and when the sorting algorithm used in the coding. Most common used sorting are counting sort, quick sort, merge sort, heap sort, and bucket sort.


Hashing plays a different role for cache management, cryptography, efficient look up and error detection. This algorithm gives more quality and produces pseudo-random and n bits. It is currently most used to find the data by ID. Data is access by the index, now developers are using hashing instead of sorting and binary search. With the hash map or dictionary, it makes the key to being efficient, performs the values by using keys. This help to check the value which previously exists in the list.

The list, array, and stack:

This is the basics of data structures, it helps to insert the new element in the array and depend on the order.  List, stack, and array are the most common building block for data structures and algorithms. You should know where it is used in the coding and insert in the current position.

Searching algorithm:

The searching algorithm is used to perform the very efficient search on the sorted list. If you search the name of the jobs in the freelance websites it will list in order. The algorithm help to match the name with binary search and gives results quickly. Depth first search and breadth first search are used in the search algorithm. It helps to find the shortest path to achieve perfect location in the map.

String matching and parsing:

The algorithm is used for pattern matching and one of the most necessary in computer science. The programmer should know the two algorithms are the regular expression and Knuth morris pratt (KMP) algorithm. The KMP algorithm is used to make the short pattern in the longer string. It will perform whole document should be matched in the pattern. A regular expression is used to parsing the string with predefined conditions. This is used in web development for matching and URL parsing.

Priority Queues:

In some cases, you don’t worry if the data set sorted completely. With the priority queue, you just to ensure the maximum value of the item and then remove it from the set. The priority queues are efficient to use and saving potentially more memory and one can use the algorithm based on the data structure. Now, there are lots of applications are scheduled with priority to remove the older items from the cache. This determines maximum item to remove the values and insert the new one into the cache.

Data structure and graph algorithm:

The graph algorithm is very efficient to use and solve the unrelated problems which can be mapped in the algorithm. The algorithm helps to solve the problems such as shortest path, minimum spanning tree, matching and cut vertexes. Using the algorithm solve the dynamic programming related to already exist coding. Besides, the algorithm helps to make the problem as a graph structure to find the way to get the result to the problem. This is one of the most important algorithms to software engineer.

State space search algorithm:

The state space search is used to optimization the problem. One should use this algorithm for limited breadth first search and depth first search. This solves the problems with iteration and vectors are randomly used to search the space. The algorithm is used to solve the game as chess, you can find more ways to move. The exact number of the valid state is given in the order and number of arcs on the game is graphed. The algorithm uses A* to find the state space search of the problem.

Dynamic programming:

This is one of the methods to solving a problem by sub problems. By using the algorithm you can solve the problem in quickly with good results. Dynamic programming algorithm helps to give expensive function to the evaluation. The algorithm is used by the Fibonacci number to formulate the result with the ratio. This gives dynamic programming and reduces the computational complexity for using the algorithm for optimization. It will exchange the memory of computation and commonly used for trade off. The algorithm gives a great solution to the large problem that can be expressed in an optimal solution. The algorithm is used to save time for solving the large problem.

Disjoint sets:

The disjoint set is used to represent dynamic sets in a single array.  This algorithm is used in graph or image processing. The developer is interesting to use the algorithm for efficient operation and graphs are representing in this algorithm. This serves the segment and computes to connect the components. It is mostly used for a data structure to store different sets in one array. This manages to store little memory and use to reduce the price and possibly used for a bitmap. The operation performed by this algorithm using the path compression and performed at expected time.

Kitty Gupta