Communication becomes important for the major company to develop both team collaboration and supplement email. Around thousand of the company are looking forward for the new method of communication with the safe manner on sharing the data, obsessively the cloud based messaging platform will be the first the best option for the customer. On the other hand, now you can realize all sort of the application with the advance features to communication with the successful manner. Here this platform is exactly designed to cut down the extraneous meeting and provide support to access the information in the faster manner. Hence, most of the people wish to prefer such the messaging application to communicate the major secret of the company in the winning manner.

Most of the company looking forward to shop such the update cloud based messaging app so the Slack and HipChat ends the major search of the company. Because it built with the advance features which allow to share and communicate in a fine manner at every. Now let to discuss few things about both cloud-based applications.


Here the Slack has ability to established by itself as the team collaboration but when it comes to the HipChat which offer the same features with the unique capabilities by itself and also it has comparable price option on using such the message to further communication. From the above article, you can compare both cloud-based applications to find out the best business. If you are buyer, then you have concentrate on the pricing of application, system, integration and features before going too committed with the vender. Hence, it will be support to go with the best message to share the message in the trouble free manner with no risk on it.

It is well known about the story of the slack which is team collaboration tools to sprouted from the major online multiplayer , it go achieved more than $1 billion valuation . In the years, 2012 the Slack was founded by the Stewart butter filed which bring out the better support for the customer to access the best support to communicate in the fine manner. Once it was launched over the market, around 8000 customer was signed up in this application and more 30,000 number are climbed on such application. Then same as to slack, the Hipchat was well designed as the best standalone application in the year 2010. Unfortunately, the slack and hipchat was accessed two years backs by the giant atlassian software and now it linked with their brand suite o of the respective project management, bug tracking solution and much more. Hence, the user need not want to have any sort of the Atlassian products and it has main plus such horizontal integration hence it will e more comfortable to communicate in the fine manner with no risk of it. Here you can hire freelancers to get additional support to obtain the best application to communicate in a winning way so it will be necessary to consider before going shopping such the application in the fine manner.

Pricing as well as system:

Here the slack product is straight forward, which has three tiers, and it is completely cloud-based application. It built with the different level of the update features and support for all sort of the edition to run application to run with the high comfort. Additional features such as, it allows to go free editions for all team and even though the edition is not completed, based on the user group, group of calls and much more.


It can allow adding the user groups, unlimited integrations, custom retention policies, messages, unlimited integrations and much more.


It provides user provision, compliance export and 24 hours support for the customer.


It will be added with the unified team and directory, federation and analytics s.


Here the hipchat provide the full free edition and two-paid edition for the major area such o tin in the cloud and another one is to offer the hybrid implementation. Hence the hybrid implementation is need to synchronize the own server for the major compliance and other reason for the security. Based on the Hipchat free edition, unlike the slacks has included the end number of the integration. Hipchat plus is built with the videos chat option and screen sharing which is more safer and comfort for the people to make use in the fine manner


It is built with all sorts of the need features to meet the team so it will bring additional comfort to enjoy sharing the message onscreen with no risk of it. Here they look much closer on the messaging, file sharing, third party and much more.


The Slack application offer major way to teammates as well the as user for the various team to communicated in the fine manner. When you need to send such message direct, juts search of the respective user name, just choose and add them in the conversation and now you can simply chat in the comfort manner.

Here the freelance jobs online website brings out the huge job opportunities for the customer in the wide field so they are requested to go with the best option to find out job with the decent salary so they ate requested to update on the respective website.

Various native integration:

Here the HipChat application bring the major native integration along with 130 party such

  • Asana
  • com
  • Dropbox
  • Giphy
  • GitHub
  • Google Apps
  • Hootsuite
  • Trello
  • Uber
  • Uberconference
  • WordPress
  • Zendesk

Hence, you can go with such the application to start communicated with the team in fine manner. Each application built with the advance features so you can try any one of them to communicate with safer and quicker manner. Here the HipChat application is specially designed free for the commercial business so it will be more comfortable to make use for better communication.


Kitty Gupta