The Android development package is the method by which new software applications have created a robot. Applications are typically developed in the Java programming language to abuse robots development kit packages (SDK), but there are also alternative development environments on the market. You can hire freelancers as android developer.

What are Android support libraries?

By applying the associate degree in a contemporary version of the robot as five.x develops and also want it to run on devices running earlier versions of the robot like 03.02 e.t.c. You can not try to do this until you add backward compatibility with your code.

This robot to provide backward compatibility, the support Robot Library package is provided. The robot library support package is a set of code libraries that provide compatible versions of the Apis Android framework versions as options are still on the market just through the Apis library. Each support library is compatible with a specific robot level API. Get Android developer from freelance services online.

Including support libraries in your robot design is thought about a better application for application developers, depending on the variety of versions of its pointing application platform and using Apis.

Android & amp; Java each has pretty similar Apis. In fact, they are so similar that Oracle sued Google for patent infringement, but we will not get into it here, you’ll be glad to understand. Of course, the benefit of the robot & Java APIs is similar that makes it possible to develop frameworks and libraries that work on each platform. This allowed developers to create libraries and tools that worked on each platform.

Let’s start with one of each of the simplest and most famous libraries within Android robot communities.


Dagger is a lightweight addiction injection with no extra bells and whistles. The library is probably the most famous and used injection in the robot. It is a direct and fast dependency comfort for each robot and Java. It has two parts: the Dagger library (100KB in size) and the Compiler Dagger.

The library contains all the necessary logic and some notes. It also uses the usual Java.inject annotations, making your code to move between injection frames completely different like the spring the Guice. Dagger is one of the best and lightest DI pictures. It does not contain all the luxury features provided by larger frames, however, it is fast, and does its job. It is worth considering for once you want to use simple injection with no dependence.

Dagger is licensed under Apache two.0 License, development is led by sq. & Amp; Google and you’ll find it. Hire freelancers to handle it for you.


You knew that the coal miners would not carry a canary in a huge cage through the mines so that if the gas were so dangerous that the canaries died, it would be the signal to leave the mine. Well, LeakCanary is similar, but instead of testing for gas leaks, it’s a memory leak detection library for Android and Java. This helps you to detect simply non-navigable objects simply by adding some lines of Java code to your existing code. It’s free and very easy to use. Like Dagger, LeakCanary’s development is further spearheaded by SQL.

Once again, LeakCanary is licensed under the Apache license a couple of 0 and is at.


The use of barcodes and QR codes has become a normal already in the world of machine-readable knowledge. ZXing has been around for some time. Originally written in Java, it can scan and produce barcodes on various platforms, and has been transmitted to several different languages. The library has been around for some time and incorporates an intelligent user base. The QR code reader that you are victimizing on your smartphone may be a victim of this library. It works well and has a good story.

ZXing is developed by Sean Oven, Daniel Switkin, ZXing Team and licensed under Apache a pair of.


Retrofit is another library developed by Square! Those guys are smart enough to write mechanical libraries, right? Retrofit is a library that can transform your REST API into a Java interface. It is a type-safe REST client for every mechanical man and Java. Retrofit allows you to write a legal code in pure Java for communication with almost any relaxing API. As Android libraries tend to be – a lightweight and comparatively simple to use.

The development of Retrofit is led by sq. It is licensed under the Apache license a couple of. Get freelance services online today for more information.

We have played with the Retrofit a couple of to perceive the highest API and acquire a base on the library to behave. If you are interested, see our introduction with Retrofit a couple of posts.


When it comes to scoring and phone numbers information, there are not many smart and free solutions for the developer. Fortunately, the Google team introduced a library known as Libphonenumber. It is probably the most effective and complete library for analysis, validation, and telephone information numbers. Besides the name, it does not take away the language, it’s great!

It has a fairly simple and easy to use API and was also ported to different languages outside the JVM, such as C # and PHP. The development of Libphonenumber is led by Google and is licensed under the Apache license a pair of.

Android Libraries

While not a library, JRebel for Android is a tool development team ZeroTurnaround that eliminates the phases of compilation, installation, and execution of its development. This allows you to develop your code and see your changes in your emulators or on your devices.


As we’ll see in the examples above, most of the new libraries and Android tools out there measure square indicating a need for lightweight and less complicated libraries that work in unstable environments that everyone will use. There is also a bit of confusion between mechanical and amp; Java, where things measure the measure of a mechanical man for Java and vice versa, however, if you can write one thing that works on each, then why not do it? 🙂

Also, do not forget JRebel for Android! You can fight for free in an extremely judgmental, so there is nothing to lose by giving a try. Click the button below to take the main step on your journey of awe!

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