The most common mobile package in the world is Android; a huge range of applications and games is developed especially for the robot. However, many users of robotic devices have computers with Windows need to run ten favorite applications and robots games in the atmosphere of Windows. In this case, they will use Android emulators for Windows. In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 favorite emulators. You can find freelancers to help install it.

Best Android emulators for Windows 10

Tip. Most Android emulators for Windows need the VT-x or AMD-V Intel-enabled virtualization BIOS (UEFI). As a general rule, it is enabled by default, but if problems occur during startup, go to the BIOS and check the settings.


Droid4X – someone really fascinating, works quickly, once run games, can connect the coordinates of the points on the screen of the robot to connected on your laptop or notebook computer keyboard (can be useful for games) keys, equipped with Play Market, the possibility To put in APK and connect to Windows folders, location replacement and other functions. Also, manage this program from your smartphone or gamepad. But there are usually stability area unit issues. You may need to hire freelancers online now.

To maximize performance, Droid4x must be placed on the laptop with a processor that supports Intel VT-x or AMD-V virtualization. The emulator works while not the technology, but slowly.

As proof, we have tried to run the comparatively serious asphalt game on the previous Core i3 laptop (Ivy Bridge), 4GB of RAM, GeForce 410M. Decent works (not super soft, but area unit ready to play).

Nox Player App

One of the simplest Android for Windows. Developers declare support for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and 7. In our case, it was easy to run on a laptop much earlier.

After starting the player and run Romain’s Divinity App, after a minute or two of the initial boot, you will see the familiar screen known robot (version four.4.2, CyanogenMod, 30GB of internal memory) with a star Shell Launcher, file manager, And pre-installed browser.

By default, the emulator opens at 1280 × 720 resolution. Tablets can change these settings in Settings (gear icon in upper right corner) – & Advanced. In addition, poor performance is set by default (Performance Settings), but even in this case, running on a weak team, Nox App Player is very good and works quickly.

Nox applications Robot player configuration

Administration within a person’s term is similar to it in any robotic device. There is Play Market where you will be downloading games and applications and will run. Sound, also because the camera (if available on your computer or laptop) is running “out of the box” in the emulator. The computer keyboard works together inside someone, just like their online version.

Also, on the right side of the window action icons are associated nursing, including:

Install applications from your computer’s APK files

Change the location (manually set a location that will be perceived as Nursing Associate obtained from the GPS receiver)

Upload and download files

Creating screenshots

If you want to run games and applications on Windows robots, using Instagram from your computer and do alternative things like that. If you want someone to work quickly – Roman Divinity App Player is good for this purpose, the best value we have ever seen. You can find freelancers online now.

You can download Roman Divinity Robot App Player to someone free from the official website.


Koplayer – another free emulator that makes it easy to run golem applications and games on your computer or laptop with Windows. Like previous emulators, Koplayer work fast enough at all, has a similar configuration, including designating the amount of RAM for the monkey. But a fascinating factor during this program – it is very useful for standardization keyboard for each game on an individual basis. You can assign keys on the golem screen gestures, accelerometer action, click on the individual areas of the screen.

To install applications associated with graduate games will use the market play or the browser inside an emulated golem to transfer the apk or to use a shared folder on the PC and install the apk it. Koplayer official website also has a separate section of free APK transport. Hire freelancers online to help.


Golem Genymotion Emulator is the best tool for developers to test applications. The software is on the market within the paid version, designed for companies that develop golem applications. To download the free version at the bottom of the house page makes the link for private use.

Main functions:

  • Custom Android images available;
  • Console, which allows access to the computer application;
  • Emulating the main chamber and the front;
  • Clipboard between computer and virtual machine;

Easy to install Genymotion emulator lets you emulate a wide variety of real devices with completely different versions of the golem operating system (up to Marshmallow 6.0). The most important factor is that it works quickly and supports graphics hardware acceleration.

The main audience for this emulator – non-regular users, who would like a code to run applications and games in Windows golem (in addition to checking since this monkey was not able to run some games), but the developers. There is integration with popular IDE (Android Studio, Eclipse) and simulation of incoming low calls, SMS and battery and many alternative options that developers should be useful account.


Program with simple name Windroy of Chinese developers, as far as they tend to realize, is fundamentally totally different emulators for Windows golem alternative. Based on site data is not emulated, but loading the golem and Dalvik virtualization on Windows, using all the portable hardware features and the Windows kernel. Windroy and allows you to run games and applications to golem directly in Windows.

You can download Windroy official website. We did not mention any problems during installation and commissioning, but we tend not to be able to change the program in window mode (run only in full screen).


Leapdroid emulator main features:

The ability to calculate without hardware virtualization

Google Play pre-installed

Easy-to-use game management and automatic settings for fashion applications

Full-screen mode, the ability to manually adjust screen resolution

It supports almost all golem applications and games

Support adb command, GPS emulation, easy to install APK files, easy file sharing with laptop stay

The ability to run two windows with identical gameplay

That’s it; I hope one of these emulators will allow golem experience on your Windows computer.

Kitty Gupta