What is artificial intelligence?

AI is no more than the human intelligence expressed by the machine. Is it done? Well, of course, human intelligence itself is not a complex issue, and replication is not an easy task. At first, people create human AI to get into the fixed order of the program. IT professionals are quick to realize that it is limited because AI could improve if the code returns and adding new features. You can find freelancers online to help you.

We all know that AI is now connected and there are new companies that are increasing throughout the United States. Certainly, there is the application of bird flu in all areas of the economy. If you are sick and you have tried to lose your jobs, then read a good start.

Artificial intelligence has another view of conventional problems are solved normal program of automatic learning. Developers generally create a step-by-step program to solve the problems that are missing in a real scenario, if the inputs change. You should hire freelancers online to put you through.

To get to AI in general – it has the same characteristics as people, the organization had to learn and improve its own. Therefore, the learning machine is born in an effort to achieve this goal.


There are many courses you can attend to learn AI, both online and in college. Udacity.com, edX.org, mit.edu, and saylor.org have very interesting online courses you can attend:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – divided into 10 classes, this online course introduces students to the world of AI. You will be familiar with concepts such as artificial vision, automatic learning, natural language processing, robotics and game theory. To understand this, make sure you have a basic knowledge of linear algebra and probability theory. Try to find freelancers today.

Artificial Intelligence – Use edx.org course to learn the basics of artificial intelligence. The objective of the paradigm of statistical decision theory. You should know prior to programming and experience (using Python as the primary programming language), and a background in math. In the course, students will learn how to build autonomous intelligent agents that are programmed to make random decisions; And you will learn and learn the programs of the machine. How cool?

Read a book and articles in the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LEARNING

In addition to courses on artificial intelligence, passionate developers, software developers, and students can also read computer books on the subject. There are many of these mysterious and very interesting. Everything will help you develop your knowledge of bird flu and potential. Here is some good reading for your verification.

[PDF] Artificial Intelligence:  The first part of the book teaches readers about intelligent agents. Then introduces the concept of problem solving, knowledge and thinking, and more. In the end, it reveals the conclusion that sums up the potential of bird flu and try to change the future of technology.

Revolutionary AI: Way to Super-Intelligence – A very detailed and unbiased article on artificial intelligence that tries to explain some of the misconceptions about the field of artificial intelligence.

Renting of An Expert In AI

Harvard Business Review once called Data Science as “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Based on the requirements, HBR may be right. Joint programming science, math, statistics and analytical skills that are so sought-after McKinsey’s report found that the demand for scientific data may be up to 60% higher than the supply by 2018.

Scientists are usually working in major research universities or large technology companies like Google and Facebook, and it makes sense; The prospect of building a fleet of car cars is probably more attractive than the IA model of construction to help small businesses automate forms of insurance. However, when used for AI it becomes more interesting if you have a fresh project, you could convince one of these legendary scientists to join your team. Or if you have millions in the bank, you can get to the service path and buy Uberovu for university robotics.

Libraries and open source framework

2016 ends up being a good year for the machine learning environment. Over the past five months, Microsoft, Baidu, and Amazon have all their ML library (CNTK, WarpCTC, and DSSTNE respectively) Oppenau published Oppenau Ginásio and Google continue to make big changes to Tensorflow. These are, in addition to other open libraries such as Teano, Mocha, Café, skit learn and libraries commercially supported as dice or H20 code.

Each of these open source libraries allows AI specialists to build smart, faster models. Instead of writing its own implementation of neural networks, which requires completely time and mathematics, the engineers can efficiently encode a neural network that fills the “blocks of construction” of Tensorflow, saving time and reducing the error margins. Other options for payment, such as data or H2O, offer advanced resources and performance improvements.

ML libraries are a great resource for the machine of specialists and engineers to learn how to give more control over model results and the ability to change and improve. More so somebody is a turnkey solution for new machine learning developers solution. A practical knowledge of how to choose between cyclical and convolutive neural networks, to make adjustments and other technical details of the learning machine to build a model that best serves your specific problem is necessary. It is also likely that you will have to remove the code every time you start a new project in one frame for reuse is difficult.

Statistical analysis tools

As the software continues to “conquer the world”, companies of all sizes on the left side of the user’s data range. No data given is useful when you can find the signal in the noise. If you have information, but do not see the models, statistical analysis tools are an excellent source of information, but difficult for you. You can also hire freelancers online.

Say you’re doing sorbets. To maintain a table to record daily sales and conditions: sales of taste, time of day temperature and if there was a game of Beisel in the park next. Like all these information, either the model to predict how nerves you sell based on daily balances.

There are a lot of services and tools that we can use for each one to adopt different approaches to this problem. Services such as BigML or DataRobot can have all your data, test different machine learning models and keep a good deal of measurement for your business problem.

These precious boxes can be an ultimate tool to find patterns in noisy data sets and provide a quick way to get more information from your own data without learning. What does not give him maximum control? If you are not satisfied with the model, or if you want to change over time, you will be back in service and store new models.

Kitty Gupta