Natural language Processing is a part of artificial intelligence that understands human language. Using natural language processing, you can write and speak using daily human language instead of computer language. “Natural language” is used for actual language and use in ordinary discourse. Natural language Processing consists of speech recognition in a text and audible speech.  Using natural language processing computer system can develop its own linguistic rules that analyse future input and generation of language output. Using Natural language processing, you can classify text into categories, automatic translation, Speech Understanding, understand phone conversion, information extraction, and automatic summarization. Find freelancers who have knowledge of natural language processing using Java and Python.

The approach of Natural language processing:

Symbolic Approach: – In symbolic approach, natural language processing bases on human develop rules. The language which materialized and recorded by linguistic experts for computer system accepted rules of speech within given language.

Statistical approach: – The linguistic phenomenon of natural language processing builds on a statistical approach. Computer system creates its own linguistic rules by identifying trends in a large sample of text. Models based on Statistics returning themes through mathematical analysis of large text corpora.

Connectionist Approach: – Symbolic and statistical approaches both are in combination form the connectionist approach to natural language processing.  The approach accepted rules of language and adapted them to a specific application from input derived from the statistical interface.

An important task of Natural Language processing:-

Text Classification: – The problem with natural language processing is a text classification. It includes topic classification of news, sentiment classification, and organization of web pages by search engines. It is techniques which classify the text object systematically. It plays an important role in organizing information filtering when data is too large.

Text Matching: – To find similarities one of the important areas of natural language processing is text matching. Text matching includes data duplication, automatic spelling correction, and data duplication.

Conference resolution: – conference resolution is a technique which finds a relational link among the words within the sentence. It is useful in question answering and information extraction.

Natural Language processing using Java:

The important feature of Java as a tool is its database access routines, application program interface. It allows both application and applet to access the database. The natural language processing using Java the linguistic knowledge stored in data in a user-friendly way. When the applet transfers, it can load at run time.    The interface can developes in a different way which does not require the expert knowledge. The interfaces of the program vary from one or more applets which exist on a web page through complete stand alone application. Both type of application across the internet or an intranet. Java being an established platform, it is easy to find freelancers.

Java is a complete system independent, if it implements as an applet, the tool could be run locally on an intranet or the internet. The natural language processing requires that the code writes must be platform independent in such a way that once written. It executes on any operating system. Using Java runtime environment, it fulfils its design requirement.

The architecture of Java consists of two step compilation of java source code to machine code. When the source of java compiled, it produces byte code between source code and machine code. Using java interpreter Java byte code interpreted to machine code. Java runtime environment also perform this function.

Natural language programming using Java speed up processing. Natural language processing uses a huge set of data files. The Java application such as Just in time processes a large amount of data as quickly as possible.  The multithreading feature of Java is very important for the heavily loaded application. This application useful in natural language processing in such a way that the task splits into multiple threads by dividing into multiple threads it reduce time.

Natural language processing stored a large set of linguistic files. Java has great capability to store data without any changing a single code. Java Database Connectivity API acts as a bridge between the database and Java application. The linguistic knowledge stored in the database and linguistic knowledge updated without changing the single line of Java code.

The language knowledge used by natural language processing system is not applicable to single application. The language knowledge is the set of information stored in such a way that it can access by other application as well using corresponding java program the huge language knowledge of database stores separately and that knowledge is reusable. You can hire freelancers online who has knowledge of natural language processing using Java.

Natural language processing Using Python:

Python is a simple, powerful programming language with an excellent feature to process natural language. It offers strong support for integration with other language and tools and comes with extensive libraries and learned in few days.  Using Python, you can create intuitive and appealing framework along with substantial building blocks using this user can get practical knowledge of natural language processing. Python is the best implementation language for natural language processing because its syntax and semantics are transparent and good string handling functionality. A python is an object oriented programming language that allows data and methods to be encapsulated and reused easily. Pythons programming language has an extensive standard library including components for graphical programming, web data processing, and numerical processing.

NLTK is a tool kit that can be used to build natural language processing programs in Python. For natural language processing, it provides basic classes for representing data in a relevant way. Using NLTK, it is easy to carry out different tasks using a framework, and data structure and interfaces are consistent. The toolkit has simply accommodated new components and that components extend existing functionality. The toolkit uses well-defined interface for interaction among different components. Without understanding the toolkit, it is become possible to complete individual projects using a small part of the toolkit. Modularity plays an important role in extending the functionality of toolkit. You can hire freelancers online in this area.


In this article, you get knowledge regarding what is natural language processing? You have also get information about different roles of Java and Python in natural language processing. In this article, you get knowledge of what is a basic requirement of natural language processing in programming language and discuss how Java and Python play an important role in Natural language processing.

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