ELM is a programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It is language that runs on a web browser. The language has two types syntax, and semantic syntax refers to a grammatical structure where semantically refers to its meaning. ELM is a programming language used for building front end application. ELM is language developed by Evan czaplicki adding some features to make it powerful. It is the best programming language that makes the balance between idealism and pragmatism.

It is functional language because it gives a friendly error message that adds features more quickly, well architecture, and automatically semantic visioning for all ELM packages. ELM is a friendly functional programming language for building a web frontend. Customer project using ELM make your job easy and maintain project velocity for development. It maintains your code and restricts the way you program. The debugging is easy because there is no runtime exception. You can hire freelancers for ELM programming languages.

ELM Architecture:

The ELM architecture is simple, and it has four parts, and it gives information how it interacts with each other. ELM provides features like code reuse, a good foundation for modularity and testing by default. Using ELM, you can structure your code easily and develop your modules and application. Using ELM architecture, you can handle the state of your application and effect that changes this state.


It represents the actual state and form of your data. The models are defined using one type of alias. This type of alias reference a record that describe the shapes. The state of your application describes in the model dated function Using updated function you can transform the data and updated state describe the new model.


The stateless function has a view based representation. HTML based in the model is created using the stateless function. The model represents the input whereas markup is the output represent current state. Using the concept of virtual DOM elm and HTML optimize changes to view. By default, it provides fast rendering. In whole architecture, the view represents the important state and this state accepting user interaction and represent the current state.


Using update function, you can model get transformed to another state. Your application makes dynamic using the update function. It receives a message as well as the model, and according to the message, there are updates to the model. When the user clicks on the article, the update gets invoked. For state changing it performs an important task and using the ELM architecture, te concept seems very simple and natural and get popularity. State management became powerful and influenced another framework. You can find freelance services to work on ELM programming language.


It combines the three-part that described above, and it is the entry of ELM function. The runtime initialized using the update, model, and view and program returned the main function. It manages the state and user interaction. Runtimes handle all effects that your application produce. The effect is the one type of interaction with outside world like loading and sending the data.

Why ELM?

Fixed by design:

All values of EML become fixed means once you have something it does not change unless you perform changes as a copy. The readability of code becomes easy, and you don’t have to keep mutation in mind. Because of the mutation, you need not worry about the runtime errors.

Static type:

The ‘Static’ type plays an important role while documenting a system. You can know about the function and role of the domain by seeing the definition. What kind of value functions take and return it depends on the type of system. According to developer type is not important for readability the tool is better if it defines the soundness of code. Using ELM, you don’t have to write type, and the compiler defines a type of your function, which means that ELM is an inferred system.

Pure Function:

It is the main concept of functional programming and has a lot of advantage and create easy to maintain and reliable system. ELM is a pure function it receives input and produces new value as output. And it produces a similar result without producing side effects. You can hire freelancers with good experience to work on ELM Projects.

Compatible with existing Code:

Using ELM, you have not created a whole project you have to create only new component made with ELM in an existing project. In ELM application using it is possible to use existing JavaScript code. Without changing the best things of language.

Easy for testing purpose:

The best feature of ELM is that you can export complete state of the program using this you send it to library developer to reproduce the bug. To see thing how things behave and load into another browser. It performs in a secure way including network call and controlled side effect using the command.

User-friendly compiler:

ELM compiler does not produce the unreadable message like another compiler. When you make a mistake in the program, it will point out the error and give an explanation regarding that error.

Best architecture:

The pattern was emerging whenever people are getting started to build the projects. ELM has the solid architecture to build the projects. If the program becomes complex, you have to control the things. You don’t have the problem regarding the understanding of how the code is organised with a new project.

Controlled side effect:

Using pure function, you can perform interaction of the program with the external world, and all this perform and controlled using commands. A pure function is best in used, and you try to use pure function everywhere. If you use pure function everywhere, you don’t have to do anything. Using this, you can identify side effect and make them explicit so that ELM can handle them in right way. You can find freelance services who have experience about ELM programming language.


In this article, you have seen basics of ELM and ELM Architecture. The ELM architecture has four phases such. As model, view, update, and runtime and you get detailed knowledge of that phases. You can also get information why ELM is advantageous to the developer.

Kitty Gupta