IBM Bluemix is a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). It supports several programming languages and services. It also helps Development and Operations. It helps to run, deploy and manage applications installed over the cloud. You can hire freelancer online who know PaaS platforms well.

Amazon AWS is a technology, and a company as well provides on-demand computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments. AWS allows customers to have their disposal a full-fledged virtual cluster of computers available all the time, through the internet. AWS version of virtual computers has most of the real computers including hardware of processing RAM, Hard disc, operating system, networking and pre-loaded application software like web services, databases, CRM, etc.

As software industry begins to grow, it always faced the problem of cost and maintenance of computers. Let’s take the example of main frame computers. An organization won’t be able to afford a mainframe for each user. It became practical to allow multiple users to share access to the same data storage layer and CPU power from any station. By enabling shared mainframe access, an organization would get a better return on its investment in this sophisticated piece of technology. Twenty years later when virtual machines (VM) came, it allows admin to have multiple virtual systems with their own operating systems, memory, CPU, hard drives along with CD rom key boards and networking. Which later lead to the invention of cloud computing. Today IBM Bluemix is advanced part of this technology.

As the cloud computing came into existence Amazon took its benefits by providing it directly to users. As no need to physically control the hardware with IT and maintenance team. Amazon started services like building blocks to support different working conditions. You can also change it easily with time, and you have to pay for it as you use it. Yes just for the part you use not the whole system. It is saving a lot of costs as well as time. No wonder it soon became popular. Find freelancers who have complete knowledge regarding cloud based technologies.

Bluemix features

Using Bluemix is easy, and if you have to manage multiple employees with their different time zones, it is very useful. The code assembly asks them to do a login each time on Bluemix and does their work, where you will get everything at one place. Now you can modify it and deploy it quickly.  Suppose you need to make an application on a mobile or the web. Just login to blue mix select a few things and services you need to add into the application, select size needs to do some coding and immediately within a few minutes your application is ready. Yes instead of taking at least week it will take few minutes. When you want to improvise it, it gets done in few minutes. Like this, you can create a lot of things on Bluemix in few minutes. So no need to worry about developing environment. Bluemix takes care of everything.

Amazon launch dozens of them some of them are cloud drive, which allows to upload and access music, document, videos, and photo from internet connected device. Low latencies and scalability service are performed using a fully managed NoSQL database that is dynamo database. ElasticCache which managed catching services such as protocol compliant with high performance, open source, Memcached, and distributed memory object catching system for speeding up dynamic web application by improving load on the database. Business subscribers run application programs and serve as a practically unlimited set of the virtual machine through Elastic compute cloud.

Mechanical Turk, an application program interface (API) that allows developers to integrate human intelligence into Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) using a network of humans to perform tasks where computers are ill-suited. RedShift, a petabyte-scale data warehouse service designed for analytic workloads, connecting to standard SQL-based clients and business intelligence tools. Simple Storage Service (S3), a scalable, high-speed, low-cost service designed for online backup and archiving of data and application programs.

Features like Git hosting, Connect to your GitHub repository, Your work in one place, a Simple user interface for starting a project are important. No installation, Integrated source code editor, Update a running app automatically with Bluemix Live Sync are also great features. Built-in source code management, Build and deploy your way, Work items to track and plan project activities, Dashboard charts for project status makes Bluemix special and extreme user friendly.

Amazon features

Amazon AWS gives you highly durable storage, low-cost computing, high-performance database and many tools to manage resources are available without any extra cost. Amazon has multiple geographically isolated data centers for all time availability. You can deploy the application by using any preferred tools or programming languages. Experimenting becomes an easy and low risk. With handy or on demand hardware or demand tools like SAP, SAAS;  you can upgrade automatically. It integrates, imports, exports data. And have cost effective only pay for what you use policy.

Differences in Bluemix and AWS

We can see that both are part of cloud computing but different from each other. It depends on the requirement that which services are to use. Students, IT start-ups, or on experimental basis laboratories, people working on same projects from a distance basis are mainly using IBM Bluemix for experimenting methods. As IBM Bluemix is an open source software, it is good for primary users. Get a hub is a good option for developers to sync code from a distance and test it directly.

Amazon is really good for profession approach it has service approach. It gives wide options for accurate services to users which are mainly business holders. It gives sufficient flexibility to them so that they can add new things quickly into services, manage offers. Increase or decrease the complete application according to run time requirement and they are paying it according to the use of services. Students who cannot afford it while learning or doing experiments go for its basic version, and once you start growing, you can grow your service base on Amazon as well. It gives that smooth touch for entry and exit to business developers.

Kitty Gupta