What is MariaDB?

MariaDB is Open Source relational database, and it is collaborating with many companies like facebook, Alibaba, and Google that are useful for developing new feature and improvement for the whole community. MariaDB replaces MySQL from many places because of its great features like vibrant, more open, more storage engines, and better performance. The best feature of MariaDB is that it focuses on high-level security the community of MariaDB continuously finding and fixing the issues for MariaDB. It is not only providing better security but also optimize the better query. There are a lot of extensions of MariaDB available and there also fewer bugs and warnings available in MariaDB. Hire freelancers online who have at least basic knowledge of this uncommon database.

Up to version 5.5, MariaDB and MySQL features are same. After version 5.5 the version of MariaDB starts at 10. This version consists of more extensive feature than MySQL. The current version of MariaDB is 10.2.

What Is MySQL?

MySQL is the open source relational database management system. The system based on Structure query languages that are useful for removing, adding and modifying information. The MySQL used standard SQL commands such as INSERT, DROP, ADD, and UPDATE, etc. The purpose of MySQL is that e-commerce, data warehouse, and logging application. It is useful for storing record and information to the entire inventory of available product for an online store. Many databases- driven websites use MySQL and also required Web scripting language like PHP which accesses information from the database. In this PHP act as front end and MySQL act as a backend.

What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is open source object relational database management system (DBMS) that is not controlled by single company or individual, so the source code is free of charge. The database is strong for reliability, correctness, and data integrity. It is used to store data securely. It is a cross platform and runs on many operating systems such as Linux, OS X, and Microsoft windows.

PostgreSQL is a creation of Michael Stonebraker in UCB. Professor Stonebreaker was started in 1986 and overcome the problem of contemporary database systems. PostgreSQL is performing complex queries, foreign keys, triggers, updatable views, and transactional integrity. You can find freelance jobs online from various marketplace websites.

The difference between MariaDB vs. MySQL vs. PostgreSQL:-

MariaDB is a compatible open source relational database management system with high availability, performance capability, and interoperability. MySQL is the open source Relational database management system. PostgreSQL has a base of an object relational database management system.

MariaDB release in 2009, MySQL release in 1995, and PostgreSQL release in 1989. MariaDB support standard extensions. PostgreSQL, the standards were built into the platform from the start. Whereas MySQL has does not support nonstandard extensions.

A MariaDB engine ranking score is 54.36, overall rank is 18, and relational database management ranking is 11. MySQL engine ranking is 1349.11, overall rank is 2, and relational database management ranking is 2. PostgreSQL ranking is 369.44, overall rank is 4, and relational database management ranking is 4. One should always find freelance jobs online from trusted sources.

All three that is MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL support XML and data scheme. Both MariaDB and MySQL support APIs and other access methods like ADO.NET, JDBC, and ODBC whereas PostgreSQL support, not API and other access methods like ADO.NET, JDBC, and ODBC but also support native C library and steaming API for large objects.

MariaDB used ACID properties for transaction concept. PostgreSQL uses one storage engine whereas MySQL uses nine from nine user use only two. All MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL are fully ACID compliant, and there is no difference between the platforms.

PostgreSQL has better data integrity and always ensuring data is valid before inserting and updating. Whereas with MySQL and MariaDB you need server always is in strict SQL mode or else not adjusted value inserted and updated.

MariaDB support is portioning methods like sharding with Spider storage engines or Galera cluster and horizontal partitioning. MySQL supports portioning method like horizontal portioning, and MySQL Cluster or MySQL Fabric, whereas PostgreSQL does not support portioning methods but realizes using table inheritance.

Both MariaDB and MySQL support replication method like Master- Master Replication and Master- Slave replication. Whereas PostgreSQL only supports Master- Slave replication method.

All three MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL support data durability and concurrency but both MariaDB and MySQL have a concept of memory capability, and PostgreSQL does not support the concept of memory capability.

Both MariaDB and MySQL are better to work with business intelligence application, and they are reliable. Whereas PostgreSQL also works better with business intelligence applications and it required data analysis and data warehousing applications that required quicker read write speeds.

Both MySQL and MariaDB work well as performance such as plug and play systems. MySQL does not perform very well when heavy loads strain it and attempting to complete complex queries. Whereas according to performance wise PostgreSQL work best in systems and also execute complex queries.

MySQL and MariaDB perform very well in OLAP/OLTP systems but for only read speed whereas PostgreSQL performs wee; in OLTP/OLAP systems but for reading and write speeds are required, and very extensive data analysis is needed.

MariaDB supports user concept like user with a finely grained concept, pluggable authentication, and users’ roles. MySQL support user concept like finely grained authorization concept and whereas PostgreSQL support fine access rights according to SQL- standard.

MariaDB supports operating systems like Linux, Solaris, Windows, and FreeBSD. MySQL support is operating systems like Linux OS, Solaris, windows, and FreeBSD. Whereas PostgreSQL support FreeBSD, HP-UX, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux. Hire freelancers online who has knowledge of all three databases.


In this article, you get information regarding what is MariaDB, what is MySQL, and what is PostgreSQL. You also find the difference between them. All are open source database and required same time for installation, but PostgreSQL came out ahead. Both MySQL and MariaDB has done a great job for improving itself to keep relevant but PostgreSQL is the best, and it is less difficult than table inheritance, rules systems, and database events.

Kitty Gupta