Fedora is a Linux based open source operating system. Fedora is a free to use secure general purpose operating system. The Fedora OS has a Red Hat sponsorship, and it combines with package software and applications to provide enhance ability and functions. Fedora releases its update after every six months and supports the previous version up to 1 month. Fedora is also noted for implementing which access control of all files. The first Fedora operating System is developed in 2003 as community distributor called the Fedora project. The Fedora operating system has short life cycle if new version release the existing version works up to 13 months you can also upgrade your version without reinstalling. Fedora provides a set of repository services via RESTful APIs using modern web standards. It provides no restriction and store, preserves, and provide access to any file. You can find freelancers with RHEL knowledge, and it is possible to get certified freelancers also for this OS.

  • The first set of Fedora core 1-4 was a start in the period of 2003 to 2005.
  • The second set of fedora core 2-6 was start in 2006
  • The Fedora 7 was launch in 2007, but this version becomes failure after release.
  • The Fedora eight released in 2007.
  • In spring 2008 Fedora 9 was released
  • At the end of 2008 Fedora 10 was released. It has characteristics like it has web based packages installer, sugar desktop environment.

Fedora is open source operating system and using this you can easily back up your data. If all new features released is fully supported by any other Linux distribution. This operating system has a high productivity and everyone contribution as volunteer worker that why fedora is the open source operating system. The fedora has the feature of flexibility that adds to create their own Linux based distribution. Fedora is a secure operating system and configures using the terminal and via a graphical interface. Fedora promotes SELinux which stands for Security Enhance Linux that are useful to implement several security policies and Red Hat Enterprise Linux add the different custom security to this operating system. It is operating system mostly used in web server, in NASA system, and in the supercomputer.

Fedora 26 Updates and Release

Fedora 26 released on July 11, 2017; it has strong security patches and various software upgrades. Fedora 26 workstation has a base of GNOME 3. The various upstream softwares got combined with fedora 26. It modified special use case like the design, security, and robotics and it also takes advantages of new Python classroom. You can also create an instructional designer environment or traditional installation. There is fedora cloud base that is useful for EC2, open stack, and other cloud environments. The Fedora 26 has multiple packages explained below. Fedora 26 consists of the latest version of GNOME 3.24 and DNF version 2.0 available in this release. It upgrades PHP latest version 7.1 and superior Ruby development platform using Ruby 2.4. It upgrades the package of Python 3.5 to 3.6 and also upgrades the package of OpenSSL to version 1.1.0. You can find freelancers working on this Operating System as well.


GNOME changes display colour temperature because it has the feature of Natural light Filter. It helps to prevent eye strain and sleeplessness. In the setting panel, it shows update for printers, User, and online account. It has a feature like export and print shopping list, add and edit your recipes, add notes to recipes, adjust quantities based on the number of serving.

Enhance Qt app compatibility

The Adwaita theme looks closer to its GTK counterpart and contains many improvements. QT has dark and high two variants ported. You QT app switch if you switch dark or high contrast Adwaita.

LibreOffice 5.3

Fedora26 consists of the latest version of LibreOffice 5.3 which adds many features to this OS. Using this in the Fedora you can preview experimental new NotebookBar UI. It also has a text layout engine which checks consistent layout on all platforms.

Fedora Media writer

The updated version consists of Fedora create bootable SD cards. It handles in better way screenshot and also supports window 7. You can access thousands of app using fedora.

How to Updates Fedora 26?

Fedora 26 makes a lot of improvement in latest version such as portioning tools, better debugging, group information, and best DNF package manages. The new version always winds up with a reliable and stable instance.  Once you update your Fedora 26, you can check out all exciting feature of this version. You can still hire freelancers working on this OS.

Backup your system and update software:

First of all, you take all backup of your system and update your software. You can update your software using GNOME software by writing command like

Sudo dnf Upgrade –refresh

Install DNF Plugin: Install the DNF plugin first and then type next command

Sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

Start and update with DNF: Take your back up using installed DNF plugin and then update DNF using following command.

Sudo dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=26

This command is useful for downloading all of your upgrade on the machine locally. This DNF allows to remove packages that may block your system upgrade.

Upgrade and Reboot:

Using the previous command, you can upgrade your system, and now your system is ready for rebooting. Boot your system while upgrading use following command.

Sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Once you type this command your system restarts. With the dnf- plugin-system-upgrade package your system installed on the current Kernel using this command. After selection of the current kernel screen, your system gets upgraded. Once you restart the system, you will see the new fedora 26. You can hire freelancers who have complete knowledge of operating system


In the first part of the article, you get a basic knowledge of Fedora operating system. It is open source and secure operating system using you can perform high quality of work such as this operating system mostly used in NASA and supercomputer. You can also get information regarding Fedora update and release and know how to update Fedora 26 using the command line.


Kitty Gupta