Nowadays demand of cross-platform mobile development tool has increased. Each has its features, limitation, and advantages. Each development tools has its purpose and hence focus on different aspect of development. Many business people used cross platform created an app.

Cross Platform is the process using which you can create your mobile app in a single code base and has the capability of running on diverse operating systems. It is the process that helps you person hours, effort, and cost platform which is most useful for launching multiple apps across numerous platforms. There are a lot of cross platform available. Hence choosing a perfect platform for developing mobile app development has become difficult. The list of Cross Platform mobile development tools is as below. It is easy to Find freelancers who can create a mobile app using Cross platform.

Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools


Phone gap is the open source platform which is useful for creating cross platform mobile app for iPhone and android. It is a platform which is most useful for a developer to convert code written in CSS, HTML, and convert JavaScript to NativeOS. It is famous cross platform tool based in apache and Cordova. While building application Cordova App adds flexibility in building applications that facilitate developers, create an app at once and run it on all devices. You can also create in integrated app payment via Google Play store for android and App Store for IOS. It is a famous tool, so it is possible to find freelancers for creating a mobile app using this cross platform.


Sencha is a cross-platform app development tool which is useful for creating an app in HTML5. Sencha is a tool which offers to design, developing, and testing in a parallel way. In this tool, once you have built your HTML5 code then you can easily convert it to android and IOS. It has the inbuilt component which saves a lot of time while building code. For an app developer, Sencha Ext JS 6 is the main product. Ext JS 6 has different pricing in Sencha, and the package price starts with $4340. Sencha tool is known for maintaining and creating large business applications. This tool supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones.


Appcelerator is created using apache which saves a lot of app development time. In Appcelerator, once you write javaScript code you can reuse that code. JavaScript is the base language for writing code with an MVC framework. Using this tool you can easily create data models with the visual wizard as well. Appcelerator consists of titanium SDK which is helpful for creation of native android and ios app. This tool is helpful for code reusability, that’s why it is better and different from other tools. The tool is helpful for creating rapid application development and also you can build a prototype with lesser time using this tool. This tool also consists of pre built connectors for MS Azure, Salesforce, MySQL, and MongoDB Box.


The Xamarin is the tool that allows developers to create native apps with the native user interface and uses that code on a different platform and then tests the app for any bugs that may arise. With language C# code base Xamarin helps you to build native apps for multiple platforms. In Xamarin tool you can do anything with C# that you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java. You can also monitor your application with Xamarin. It also supports automation testing provisions that are useful for faster shipping of app with not a single bug. Using Xamarin around 75% of developed code can be shared across a major mobile platform that is very useful to decrease cost and time for marketing. Xamarin offers most interesting business packages which value $999/year. You can easily hire freelancers who have knowledge of Xamarin platform.


Cocos2d is one of the cross platform mobile app development tool which supports ios and android app development framework. It has an interesting integrated functionality which is very useful for creating mobile apps, interactive programs, and games. It helps for the development of 2d apps and publishes a single code base on multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, and web. This tool provides an option to the developer to write code in multiple languages.


Corona is cross platform tool using this you can build tool in less than 5 minutes. It supports all major platform such as Windows, android, and ios. This tool is useful for creating educational apps, and gaming apps. It has open source SDK, but its enterprise small business package is available at $79.


Monocross is freely available cross Platform that helps you for creating a mobile application. This tool is helpful for creating applications for ipads, tablets, iPhones, and android Smartphones. For developing multi- platform supported apps, this platform uses C#, Microsoft, NET, and Mono framework. To securely deploy your apps, this tool gives you several APIs.

Codename One:

Codename One is one of the Cross platforms which has a goal of reusability of code and develop an application in a fast way. It supports many famous IDES like NetBeans, eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. If you want to code in Java using this tool you can easily test and verify your application. This tool has light weighted architecture which allows all the UI to work flawlessly across all platforms. Their inbuilt server allows the developer to create IOS apps without Mac machine and build Windows apps without Windows PC.


NativeScript is also an open source platform for creating cross platform mobile application. This tool is useful for creating Native APIs in JavaScript. In NativScript you can easily reuse existing plugins from npm directly. NativeScript does not support the multi threading platform. It also supports TypeScript and Angular.js2. You can make an app UI once, and use it easily on another supported platform. You can easily hire freelancers who have knowledge of all cross platform mobile development tools.


In this article, you get information regarding what is cross platform and information of different tool for creating a short platform. Cross platform development tool is the best when your budget regarding the creation of is less and quality of features is required. Depending on your application requirement you can use one of the cross platform mobile development tool.