SpaceX means Space Exploration Technology Corporation; it is American company headquartered in Hawthorne. It is a company related to aerospace manufacturer and space transport service. Elon Musk found this company in the year 2002. The main intention of Company is to reduce space transportation costs and to enable colonization of mars. The SpaceX has launched the two stage oxygen and kerosene-powered rocket and can lift a half into low-earth orbit at the cost of $6 million. The company created the rocket at one-third costs from the other currently available rocket. Hire freelancers online who has expertise in SpaceX of programming.

The SpaceX developed the Falcon9 in 2015, which is first propulsive landing for an orbital rocket and Falcon 9 is the first reusable orbit rocket.  The privately funded company successfully send a rocket to international space craft. SpaceX recently got NASA COTS contract, and NASA was selected Space X to demonstrate and return of Cargo to international space station.

To develop Falcon 1, the designer at SpaceX use mid-range computer aided design (CAD). After some years all are frustrated because it will take more than an hour to loading and assembling, so the company began looking for more powerful software.  The vice president of development operation at SpaceX Chris Thompson and his colleague evaluated CAD finite element analysis and product data management solution separately all that ended up. The company chose their technology from Siemens PLM software to create a managed development environment. The PLM contains NX software, and Femap software and Teamcenter software. This tool has excellent functionality and user interface NX. You can find freelance jobs online from SpaceX site

The SpaceX has created a Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 rockets as well as Dragon capsule in NX. The software has 25,000 parts of assemblies and has no trouble handling.  The new software can work with the assembly of such size, and entire assembly needs only 10 minutes to load. Using this software designer easily find the interface once load a virtual mock-up of the rocket.  To perform large assemble is beneficial for “designing in context”   using this you can develop various parts and completed when working with assembly.  Relative to the fit and feasibility “designing in context” give immediate feedback. The SpaceX designer uses NX to stimulate motion, to further check their work it performs separation between first and second stage. SpaceX consisted machine metal scale models which you can use for marketing purpose, and it has fabricated SLA modes.

For designing and manufacturing of the Falcon- CAD models Teamcenter act repository as all documentation. The Teamcenter also used for control processes such as engineering change and design release, and it is useful for managing the lifecycle of the part. For designing the particular rocket required the coordinated effort of three different teams such as avionics, propulsion, and structure. In SpaceX all these team located in different buildings. The Teamcenter work on different part of the rocket does not create disturbance between each other. It has 50% productivity improvement. You can find freelance jobs online from SpaceX websites.

Which Programming Language used to write?

In SpaceX, preferable programming languages are C/ C++.  For hardware manufacture such as AVR, Arduino, and ARM used C/C++ language syntax for their development platform. In rocket space craft no one carries commercial computers and does not carry a super computer. The space flight system does not contain single microcontroller/microprocessor, but it may have on board dedicated computer which communicates with no of microprocessor and microcontrollers. If you are working with a microprocessor, you not only simply stored the files but only transferred into o and 1s according to the instruction set microcontroller and a microprocessor. Hire freelancers online who has expertise in C and C++ and knowledge of language conversion according to the instruction set of the microprocessor.

In SpaceX, you also have to write a programme in Python because space flight system does not use single C and C++ files it may have 1000+ files with 10000+ lines of code. Finally, you have to convert any language code into understandable microprocessor and microcontroller.


In this article, you get information regarding SpaceX Company, and Rocket software used at SpaceX. You also get information regarding programming language used for developing Rocket software in SpaceX.


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