LAMP Stack:

LAMP Stack acronym stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP an open-source web development platform also called web stack. Why is it known as a stack? Because it uses Linux as an operating system, Apache as HTTP server, MySQL as relational database management (RDBMS) system and PHP as a scripting language. Sometimes Perl or Python is used instead of PHP.  PHP is very established languages so that you can hire freelancers for PHP.

In 1998 the German scientist Michael Kunze developed the idea of LAMP. LAMP is useful for creating a dynamic website and web applications. LAMP is the best example of free or Open Source software. LAMP has de facto development standard.

For a website, you need to write a software using a programming language and a database to store information. LAMP is an excellent set of software that performs all that functions and helps you for hosting website.

LAMP is one of the best tools available that can help you to build an application that can solve your problem. The four components in LAMP platform have a layered structure. Each layer of a LAMP stack is described below.

Linux: Linux is the lowest layer and provides an operating system that your server would run. Linux used each of the other components that mean you used any Linux distribution and also used another component of Microsoft such as Mac OS X, UNIX, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.

Apache Server: It is the server which is useful for hosting your websites. It is the mechanics using that user getting the web pages. It runs more than 65 percent of all website on the internet. You can easily create dynamic pages because PHP pages sit inside the Apache. When users type your URL in a web browser, your Apache2 service will deliver your website files for viewing.

MySQL Layer: It is the next layer which provides data storage side of the LAMP system. MySQL is the relational database which has the capability of running large and complex sites. It is also a common method for storing blog post, user credentials and another type of information. All your information regarding web applications such as products, accounts, and another type of information is store in database and using SQL language you can easily query the database.

PHP: PHP is the simple and efficient programming languages that give your website a dynamic feel over static pages. It is the programming languages that attach all another part of the LAMP system. PHP is the server side programming language which gives power to many web designers to create an excellent website.

The above mention all four layers together makes powerful, dynamic and indelible websites. If you want to create a truly dynamic website, first of all, you have to build pages, and you have to compose information in a database. LAMP software has the power to combine web server dynamic components such as Perl, Python, or PHP and database for creation of a truly dynamic website that is easy to update and provides rich functionality to users. The WordPress software has also used the functionality of LAMP system. WordPress software uses PHP to interface with MySQL database and hosted on Apache/ Linux Server. The LAMP stack has the excellent flexibility you can do anything with LAMP stack. It allows you to build and deploy applications in methods that suit you.  Using LAMP, you can write few lines of code. You can find multiple freelance services to work on LAMP stack

WISA Stack:

WISA stack acronym stands for Windows, IIS, SQL server, and ASP.NET. WISA is the variation of LAMP.  In WISA system window act as an operating system where as in LAMP system Linux act as operating System. The combined used of these four programs is known as a stack. It is most useful for web development and internal testing but also used to serve up live websites. The central part of the WISA is IIS server to run web server within windows.  Using WISA, you can run local IIS web server on window machine so the designer can design web pages in a web browser without live on the internet. You can hire freelancers who have great knowledge of ASP.NET

To secure IIS on windows is the difficult and most different that UNIX and Linux operating system. For Microsoft Windows users WISA server is the best option it comes in an easy installation package with the control panel. The designer prefers the WISA server because of it faster their development time. IIS, SQL server, and ASP.NET are open source component they are installed together on windows which provide user-friendly installation. It is easy to use the tool and make easy to code ASP.NET and creating a database on window platform. WISA is available in both 64 bit and a 32-bit system. WISA manages your server settings and also access your settings files. It also accesses your logs and creates an alias. It gives you Online or offline access that means gives access to everyone or only local host.

Both PHP and ASP language are free, but PHP has more standard features than ASP such as image manipulation and file uploading. If packages like web forum and shopping carts are in PHP, then it is distributed free while those written in ASP get sold. Everyone has price is necessary if you use SQL server it required a large amount of power than MySQL server. Apache is more secure than IIS, but security feature of Apache hard to configure both are free, but you have to purchase contract for supporting. You can find multiple freelance services to work on WISA stack


In this article, you get information regarding what is LAMP stack and what is WISA stack. Both LAMP and WISA are an excellent platform. LAMP is freely available software where as WISA is expensive and corporate and well-documented software. Most of the websites are available in LAMP because of its cost, web integration and high level of Apache security but WISA is the best enterprise level sites such as 3d graphics programs or retailer.

Kitty Gupta