What is Static IP address?

Static internet protocol is a permanent number that is allotted to the computers or mobiles by internet service providers.  It is known as static because it doesn’t change. Routers, phones, tablets, and desktops are using static IP address. Static IP gets assigned to the device, or otherwise, we set the IP address manually by typing the IP address into the device from the device itself. The static IP address is most useful for website hosting, voice over internet protocol and in gaming. According to https://free-lookup.net/singapore, the main advantage of static IP is that it maintains speed and reliability. But the disadvantage is that static IP addresses are susceptible to data mining and high-security risk. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge regarding IP address.

Internet service provider allocates IP address to home, school, and office. When you will try to connect to network, your device ping IP address assigned to your device from internet service providers. Sometimes the problem is that your device can not ping the IP address from routers.  In that case, static IP perform an important role.

The term Static IP address is same as your home address or email address. Both addresses are constant, and they do not change, so it makes easy to contact and find someone. Same as static IP address, it is very important when you want to host a website from home. If you are using a network printer, or a file server in your network, or you use remote access program. The static IP address never changes and other devices always understand how to contact a device that uses one.

Suppose you setup static IP address to your computer or mobile for your home network. Once your computer is setup with IP address, then you can easily set up your routers and easily forward some inbound request directly to the computers.

If you do not use static IP address, then it becomes difficult to users when hosting the websites. If you use dynamic IP address, then you need to change router setting every time and forward request to that new address. The problem with that no one searches your website because your router does not recognize the device in your network is the ones that serving the website.

Static IP address work with DNS server and DNS server use static IP addresses so that your device in the network know how to connect to them. If that IP address changes, then you have to reconfigure DNS server on your router.

When device domain name is inaccessible, the static IP address plays an important role. If your computer is connecting to the file server in a network, then it always connects to server easily using Static IP address. Windows remote desktop applications use static IP address so that you can easily access that computer with the same address.  If you change IP address, you always have to know the new address for the remote connection. You can find multiple freelance services to work on IP settings.

The static IP address is very simple to assign. Network administrator easily tracks internet traffic and give access to the user based on IP address identification. Static IP addresses also maintain the stability that case does not happen with dynamic IP address. In the case of Dynamic IP address the internet service provider change their address automatically daily or after some hours. It creates disturbance in internet connection. Using new address computer may also have trouble to reconnect to the internet. With static IP address, you can avoid that entire problem. The main benefit of static IP address is that computer can easily locate the server from anywhere in the world. The computer on remote network work excellent with static IP address and this allows the different computer to run on different operating systems to access the host systems by searching for same IP address every time.

How to Setup Static IP address to an Android phone?

Following are the steps that guide you how to setup static IP address to android Phone.

First of all, you have to know your IP address and Gateway IP address if you don’t know then ask internet service providers. You also have to require Mask ( and DNS network address. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge regarding IP address settings.

  • Open the app drawer and app list and select “Settings.”
  • To access wireless network settings click on Wi-Fi.
  • For Android version before 4.0, perform following steps.
  • From open Wi-Fi network turn on your Wi-Fi
  • Once you click on “Menu,” you will find the advance setting option.
  • You also find the Static IP option there.
  • Select it and enter information that mentions
  • IP address provided by ISP.
  • Gateway provide by ISP
  • NetMask 2255.255.0
  • Prefix length 24
  • DNS 1 and DNS 2
  • For Android version is 4.0 or updated version after 4.0, perform following steps.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi and turn on your Wi-Fi and tap on the network which you want to have static IP.
  • Then click on Modify network
  • Tap on “show advanced settings.”
  • From DHPC to static mode and select IP settings.
  • Enter IP addresses provided by your ISP.
  • Enter gateway provided by your ISP
  • Net Mask
  • Prefix length 24
  • DNS 1 and DNS
  • Click on save, and you will connect to the Wi- Fi network which you want to connect.

If you want to your device is to be identified then static IP address is helpful. They have not required internet usages. You can find multiple freelance services to work on static IP address settings.


In this article, you get information regarding what is static IP address? And the need of static IP address when your system is in the network. You also get step by step information regarding how to set static IP address on your android phone.