Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science which has main intention to create an intelligent machine that works like a human. The process includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction and the particular applications of artificial intelligence are highly technical and specialised. The artificial intelligence plays an important role in the industry. The AI reduces the cost, save the time and increases your accuracy. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence.

Machine learning can detect new attacks and discover new vulnerability and system has the capability to protect from threats in an efficient way. Every Machine learning algorithm and the advance algorithm would require human guidance and learn from human as they are better equipped to look beyond simple anomaly that machine could find out in a different context and ignore as security threats. Another advantage of machine learning is that this system works in the more calculated and accurate way and eliminate error using human. This system also works on various tasks such as monitoring and protecting a vast number of devices and systems. The data of financial companies’ increases and it becomes difficult to maintain them but by using artificial intelligence predictive systems are being put in place to forecast stock trends and manages finances.

How to Use Artificial Intelligent in Cyber Security

Now a day’s artificial intelligence plays a significant role in cyber security, protecting companies from attacks and threats. It finds out the attack quickly which is beneficial in preventing your system from hackers. All the top technology companies are spending years on cyber security using Artificial intelligence such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and Symantec. However, from last few years there has been an increase in the startups around the security which work on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Today’s enterprise generates a tremendous amount of data, and that collected data reflects the organization, behaviour, performance, and operations. The artificial intelligence has robust, multi-layered security strategy and machine learning provide intelligence which allows computers to learn in a similar way like human beings through some ways such as clustering, vector machine learning and much more. Cyber security threats grow with technology and adjust to conquer protection mechanism. The information security analysts analyze the most complicated risk first. When you use cyber security, machine learning makes initial risk identification process and classification faster that allow the security team to manage their response function and take action if it seems attacked.

In the case of cyber security, there are millions of potential combinations that detect the attack using a computer. Machine learning technology reduces the workload of security analyst. This technology is effectively identifying a lot of potential threats that expose known patterns. These patterns are complex in structure and perform repetitive work if any subject expert analyses it. The initial filter allows the security team to identify new threats and undiscovered behaviour of known attacks. You can find freelance jobs online from trusted source.

Existing security system database and algorithm do not have that much of capability to prevent security of the system. The Machine learning algorithms have an intelligent security system and have the capacity to identify it using the designed intelligent and acts if the threat occurs. The new intelligent security system has the potential to take action immediately if the threat occurs and also perform analysis and also study the current pools of knowledge find out the future threats and generate a response.

If any system has an ongoing attack, then artificial intelligence can increase the scale of resistance. An organisation has a large amount of data such as mobile devices, smart devices, and appliances hooked up to the internet of things, so hackers attack any of the data. To avoid such an attack, the artificial intelligence work on it and find out each incoming attack and solve this attack in real time. You can find freelance jobs online from different job offering site

Future Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

According to the Verizon Data Report, more than seventy percent of attack occurs due to vulnerabilities with available patches. If hackers know about the vulnerability, they take advantage within a second. According to the report, it will take 146 days to fix the vulnerability. Now companies work more technologically advanced way to find out the attack efficiently.

Artificial intelligence is the driving force of the fourth industrial revolution and works in the cyber security sector. It keeps your data and critical infrastructure from attackers with the ability to detect, prevent, and patch vulnerabilities. Artificial intelligence is the important source to find, mitigate, and perform a risk assessment on the attack.

The technology that uses the internet such as cell phone, Bluetooth device, and smart phone devices plays an important role in our daily life. This device holds important and sensitive data, and if hackers hack it then it affects the organisation, and it is difficult to detect the threats. The artificial intelligence plays an important role to detect the hidden threats. It is beneficial for an organisation to find out the risk, and determine the risk they face.

As the idea of artificial intelligence comes, in reality, the complex version of artificial intelligence detects the pattern and prevents an attack. Using smart technology you can easily detect the threats and mitigate that threat including ransomware and zero day attacks. The IBM creates Watson for cyber security, Amazon use of Harvest AI for cyber security and Google developing an AI based system. The combinations of artificial intelligence in cyber security tackle the complex security threats. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge of artificial intelligence for cyber security.


In this article, you get information regarding what is artificial intelligence? And how to use artificial intelligence for cyber security. This article also gives information regarding the future role of artificial intelligence in cyber security. It is very difficult to find out the future Artificial intelligence holds, but a recent study shows that it will help for the betterment of the world in future.