AWS is Amazon Web Service that changed the world of IT industry. AWS offers the flexibility to manage your costs and keep the performance efficiently. Many people are continuously searching for how to reduce the cost of Amazon AWS bill before the stage of a process known as cloud awareness. The first and second stages are cloud adoption and cloud deployment, and the third stage is cost optimization. When you realise the impatience to adopt the cloud, you have to organise the instances on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) which is best for your budget and leave them running when they are not in use. If you are planning for the future projects and capacity requirement then first take action to control your AWS bill.

The best and the permanent way to lower the AWS costs are to turn off nonproduction AWS EC2 instances when they are not needed. If the development and testing are not needed then turn off the AWS EC2 instance at night, and the weekend, it will reduce your cost. You can hire freelancers who guide you for reducing your AWS or EC2 Amazon Cloud Computing Bill.

  • If developer forgot to turn off the AWS EC2 then in such case you have to pay for the compute resource reserved for the instance thus, you should always tell the developer to turn off the development, staging and testing instances when they are not needed.
  • You can overcome the above problem by reassigning your developers to write scheduling scripts to automate the turning off process. It is the best way to lower your Amazon AWS bill.
  • Be aware of the resource that you are using if you are not using the particular resource then close it otherwise you will have to pay for it.
  • It is not only scheduling various instances in advance but also AWS allows the users to automate numerous tasks. From different region, the user can also backup the data as part of larger disaster recovery plan. You can save time and money by automating the process and focusing your attention on important matters if you are working with AMIs or EBS snapshots.
  • Scheduling software is not only the consistent and cost effective way to lower AWS costs, but it is also easy to use. Using SaaS app system administrator sign into the Amazon AWS account and create roles for each development teams and give their own AWS EC2 instances. When development and testing team login they see only their instances. According to individual schedule, instances are parked or park according to the policies created by system administration using scheduling software. The software allows the user to snooze parking of the schedule rather than creating the new schedule software. You can find multiple freelance services to work on this tool.
  • AWS allows you to scale down, means, if you are not using the particular service, then you don’t have to pay for it. AWS also offers various pricing options that cloud save your more money depending on your requirement.
  • As discussed above you can find the different ways to reduce your AWS bill, but that is difficult for those who are not well versed in scripting. But the vendors like CloudRanger, scheduling, and automation are well within reach, even for non IT/ DevOps professional. CloudRangers has a simple dashboard, and you can utilise more in few easy steps, and you can achive the same without the necessity for scripting.
  • ParkMyCloud is a simple scheduling app that carries out the discovery of resources in your Amazon account and finds nonproduction AWS EC2 instances appropriate for parking. This app is the cost efficient way to reduce your cloud computing bill and also create policies that better manage your Amazon accounts, and increase governance over development team. It has the excellent pricing structure. This software is free for fourteen days to scheduling software in your environment and knows about the how much you could lower AWS costs by parking your non-productive AWS EC2 instances. You can find multiple freelance services to work on this tool.
  • In your cloud environment, Zombie asset is running, but possibly not used for any purpose. Zombie EC2 instances get created when instances fail during the launch process. Zombie assets can be available in the form of idle Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), and Relational Database service (RDS) and both don’t get used effectively. So, remove all zombie assets and reduce your AWS bill. You can hire freelancers who guide you for reducing your AWS or EC2 Amazon Cloud Computing Bill.

Summary: This article is based on the how to reduce your AWS or EC2 Amazon cloud computing bill. In this article, you get different ways of reducing the cost of AWS or Amazon cloud computing bill, and you can find the different names of an app that is useful for reducing the AWS cost.

Kitty Gupta