Salesforce is the cloud computing company whose headquarter is in San Francisco, California. is the platform which grants developers to create fully featured add-on application and combines that application into main application. The application is created using Apex and VisualForce. The developers from that organisation use the application for developing a cloud based application. The main jobs of salesforce developer are to develop the custom application by extending the development environment using the Apex and Visual Force. The developer working on platform and product create the solutions and provide support to customers. You can hire freelancers who know the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce platform is the leading technology industry. In this platform every day the new customer is signing contracts it means that more and more developer and consultant are needed daily. To start the career with Salesforce platform is easy but it will take some time. The company wants such employees who have experience and great knowledge of the platform. By step by step learning of the network, you can find Salesforce dream job. Here you find steps to start your career in Salesforce industry.

Sign Up for Free Admin Playground Account

If you are interested in to get knowledge regarding the Salesforce then, first of all, you should create your free admin account. It allows you to access all features and functionality and you can also explore the newest functionality and get experience regarding the application. The account of admin is completely free, but the only thing is that you have a login at least once within the six months.

Once you sign in then you can install the App Exchange process, you can test them and can get familiar with the install process. Including Visualforce you can also create and execute the APEX code. You can also build the new functionality and features in Salesforce such as custom fields, workflow rules, and objects. The admin account on Salesforce is the portal to learning and playing with that app.

Know About Some Resources

Salesforce Trailhead: It is the excellent tool developed by Salesforce. It is the knowledgeable interactive tool. It is same as the code academy, and you can handle different modules using the admin org. It is the tool which will help you to learn the basics of Salesforce. Platform Fundamentals: It is the book which will give you detailed knowledge regarding the platform. It is the best resource through this you will get depth knowledge regarding the functionality of an application. If you are interested to know more regarding the platform, then download the soft copy of this book or else buy a hard copy.

Salesforce Cheat sheets: It is the excellent reference printed book. It is the best book for experienced users. If you want to remind some topics regarding the leverage specific functionality, then it is the best book.

Salesforce YouTube Channel: Those who like to learn through video learning have the best option. It is the channel which produces small videos to hour-long Dreamforce session videos.

Developer Workbooks: It is the books provided by Salesforce to a developer. The workbook consists of step by step tutorials that allow you to create and deploy the simple application. It is the best way to start coding for this platform.

Join With Different Network and Groups

Networking is the best way for getting the jobs.  The more than 300 hundred groups available in the world and these groups are 100% by the community to community. The groups allow you to learn new features of the platform and you also get to know about how other customers are using the Salesforce. Through this group, you can meet the Salesforce talent that will help you to find your answer to a question raised and also help you to find the jobs. Always engage in conversation with at least one person and get contact information. Through this process, you slowly build your network, and it will help you to find the jobs and to get great opportunity regarding your career.

Influence Your Social Networks

Social media is the best way to create your social networks with others in the community. The Twitter account mostly prefer the Salesforce user, but you will find that the users of Salesforce sharing the information on every social network. Join the groups on social media site start a conversation. Follow those topics in which you are interested. If you want to know about the functionality, then try to understand the new functionality of the platform. You can find freelance jobs online easily if you have knowledge and experience in these sectors.


In this article, you get information regarding what is the Salesforce developer? What work the developers have to do? How to be a Salesforce developer? This article gives step by step knowledge to the developer regarding how to become the Salesforce developer. This article also covers the different resources name through this you can get knowledge regarding the Salesforce platform.

Kitty Gupta