Cyber security is the body of technologies, and it is the process and practice designed to guard networks, data, computers, and program from unauthorised access, attack and damage. Cyber security is not simple as the attack happens every single day and attackers get inventive. The security of computing context includes physical security and cyber security. You can hire freelancers who know cyber security concept.

It is the important concept in the military, corporate, government, medical organisation, and financial which collect process and store extraordinary data on computers and other devices. The cyber security protects data integrity of computing assets which is related to the organisation. The main purpose of cyber security is that to protect those assets against all threat in complete life cycle of cyber attack. The strategies of cyber security include risk management, incident management, and risk management.

The most difficult element of cyber security is that frequently occurs security risks. The traditional cyber security concept only concentrates on most known resources and most important components and defends the system against the biggest known threats and does not defend some less dangerous risk. But the latest cyber security advisory organisation resolves this all issues and promoting the adaptive and proactive approach.

Python vs. Java for Cyber Security:

Python is the excellent programming language because it creates for rapid application developments. It is also helpful for those programmers who don’t have knowledge of programming and want to create an application in the little amount of time. The professionals of cyber quickly create the prototype, deploy and test application. Python is cross-platform and has the versatility of running as a script. This language has the mixed code environments which easily combine different programming languages. You can also embed code of Java in Python easily. The experts of cyber security codes for different scenarios and they need more functionality, speeds, libraries and code reusability. This language supports all mentioned scenario and allows testers, and system administrators to develop customised tools.

The testers, hackers, and other security experts required the language library which provides the most powerful features to create programs. This programming language has inbuilt modules which easily help web activities such as parsing HTTP and XML building clients. The clean syntax of the programming language to create code is simple and extends that code easily. In the world of cyber security, the versatility of Pythons is most advantageous.

It is an excellent language for creating the complex, compiled applications and its scalability make it the default choice for diverse coding needs within an organisation. Much cyber security specialists offer to build the existing code. The Python programming language has an ability to used the existing code so that it saves time, preserves existing functionality and provide great security role.

If you are developing the applications in Java programming language, then new release of Java provides excellent cyber security functionality. The new released of Java removes unnecessary functionality and adds the excellent cyber security. The new released is removes the weaker algorithm and restricting lower sized keys. It has excellent code environment which is easy combines with the different programming language and same as python programming language you can embed the code of Python in Java programming language easily. This language has inbuilt security API and that API uses programming approaches such as context and dependency injection for simplifying the security API across all platforms. The application portability is also significantly improved through self-contained security. Java programming language has an excellent libraries function that allows the developer to create the application easily. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge of Java programming language regarding cyber security concept.

Java programming language used the networked environments. The memory model of Java defends against the malicious code. The Java programming language has more effective features than PHP programming language. Automatic garbage collection is a feature which prevents memory leaks. This language has detailed compile-time checking so you can find viruses quickly. It is repeated at runtimes for flexibility and to check consistency. In Java programming language you can keep your data exchange secure because this language used Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The developed connection will be routed through some intermediary servers to get the main server, and this certificate makes your connection secure. You can find freelance jobs online in cyber security sectors.


This article gives information regarding cyber security and role of cyber security in Java and Python. Cyber security practice designed to protect networks, data, computers, and program from unauthorised access, attack and damage. The cyber security plays an excellent role in both languages because of its inbuilt library and features.