The operating system is the mediator between computer hardware and people. Creation of the operating system requires a thousand lines of code. Their development is using the programming languages such as C, C#, C++, and assembly language programming. Through operating system, you can navigate through a computer while creating the storage and executing commands. Creating the operating system is not a simple task, but if you have proper knowledge of it, then you can easily create the operating system. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in a programming language.

Before developing the operating system first, you have to know about the important part of the operating system.

Component of Operating system:

  • Kernel
  • System Program
  • Application Program
  • Process Management
  • Memory Management
  • File System Management
  • Device Management


The heart of the operating system is known as a kernel. When the computer is started up, the first program is loaded by the kernel. It also manages the computer resources and handles request from system programs and application.

System Program:

The program which runs on top of the kernel is known as the system program. The system program plays an important role between kernels to the user application and peripheral devices. The examples of system programs are a device driver, system utilities, networking program, and disk defragmenters.

Application Program:

It is the program which is important when you perform the important work. The examples of the application program are a media player, browsers, and application programs. The kernel manages the application program and application program use the system program to access computer periphery devices and hardware.

Process Management:

The program in execution is known as Process. The process has a code, data, and some resources allocated to it. In process management module decide how OS will manage these processes and how it will provide a system call to manage these processes.

Memory Management: The memory has a division between the application program and OS. The operating system handles the allocation of memory to processes and controls the memory management hardware that determines which memory locations a process may access.

File System Management: The computer process the information that is transmitted. The file system is the collections of file system objects, and for manipulation, these objects OS provides important task.

Device Management:

The device plays an important role in transferring the information. Through system calls the processes access these devices. The system call is the programming interface to the OS created in C/C++ programming language.

Learn Programming Language:

While developing the operating system, you must know programming languages such as assembly level and high-level programming languages. If you have done some coding in a high-level programming language such as Java or PHP, but still you must know a lower level language like C programming and the special knowledge on the subject of memory and pointers.

Decide media required to load the OS:

While developing the operating system, you also have decided what media you will require for it such as CD drive, flash drive, DVD drive, Floppy disk, hard disk, and another PC.

Decide your core Idea regarding OS:

Decide how your GUI work and how you will provide security to your data. The graphical user interface is the important component while developing the operating system. If your GUI is simple, then a user can easily interact with OS so always try to create a simple user interface.

Decide Processor Platform: 

Deciding the processor platform is the important part while creating the OS as it’s a basic requirement for the proper working of OS. The IA-32, ARM, and x86_64 are the most common for personal computers, so they are your excellent bet.

Decide programming language for developing OS:

For creating the operating system, the language plays an important role. C and assembly language are the best options for it. Because assembly language plays an important role in vital part of the operating system and C is important for fully built OS.

Create your design: 

The operating systems get created with the monolithic kernel and micro kernel. The monolithic kernel implements all the services in the kernel where as microkernel has a small kernel combined with user implementing services.

Start actual working:

While developing the operating system, start working on displaying text and interrupts before moving to the multitasking. Also, make sure about 32 bit and 64-bit version. Also, keep a backup of your operating system after the development of the operating system.

Test your created operating system:

After complete creation of operating system test your new operating system with a virtual machine. After proper testing of the operating system then it is handover to the client.


In this article, you get step by step information about OS development. Go through the steps mentioned above so that you get a proper idea regarding how to develop the operating system.


Kitty Gupta