PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor is an object-oriented programming language. This programming language enables a programmer to create dynamic content that easily interacts with a database. This programming language mostly used for creating the web-based application. The PHP programming language works with popular databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL server. This programming language tracking session and you can also create the whole e-commerce sites. Through PHP programming language you can also restrict a user to access some pages of a website. You can find freelancers who have Knowledge of PHP, and you also get certified freelancers for this language. The easier a programming language to pick-up, you quickly find large community developed for such a language.

PHP Variable:

If you want to store the information in the middle of the program, then variable play an important role in PHP. The variable in PHP programming language has Leading dollar ($) sign. The assignment to the variable through the = operator. Through PHP programming language programmer can easily converting types from one to another when necessary.

  • Integers: Integers are the whole numbers without the decimal point such as 2308
  • Doubles: Double data type is floating point numbers such as 2.121
  • Booleans: Booleans data type represents only two values that are true and false.
  • NULL: Null data type represents only one value that is NULL.
  • Strings: PHP support the string data type which represents the sequence of character.
  • Arrays: Array is the collection of similar type of data type.
  • Objects: objects are the instances of programmer-defined classes.
  • Resources: Resources are the special type of variable that holds references to resources external to PHP.

Decision Making:

PHP has four main decision-making statements

  • If else statement: This type of statement is useful when you want to execute a set of code if a condition is true and another if the condition is not true.
  • Else if statement: This type of conditional statement is used with the if else statement to execute a set of code if one of several conditions is true.
  • Switch statement: if you want to execute the more than one block of code, that time switch statement plays an important role.

Loop in PHP:

If you want to execute the block of code for a specific number of times, then PHP loop plays an important role. You can hire freelancers working in this programming language. Following are the four types of loop in PHP.

  • For: for loop perform the repetitive task for sometimes.


for (initialization; condition; increment){

code to be executed;


  • while: Loop through the block of code until the condition is true.


while (condition) {

code to be executed;


  • do….while: do while loop executes the block of code irrespective of condition.


do {

code to be executed;


while (condition);

  • for each: this loop executes the block of code for each element of an array.


foreach (array as value) {

code to be executed;


Array in PHP:

The array is the collection of similar type of data type which stores the data in fixed size. Following are the types of an array in PHP programming language. You can find freelancers who have Knowledge of PHP, and you also get certified freelancers for this language.

  • Numeric array: In numeric array type values get stored in a linear fashion and this array with a numeric index.
  • Associative array: associative array stores values in association with key values instead of linear index order. It stores the array with string as an index.
  • Multidimensional array: Through multidimensional array, a value can be accessed using the multiple indices.

The concept of Function in PHP:

The concept of the function is same as the other programming language. The function in PHP reused the piece of code many times in a program. Through PHP programming language you can implement a conditional function, function within a function, and a recursive function. You can hire freelancers who have complete knowledge of programming language.



<title> PHP Function</title>




/* Defining a PHP Function */

function writeText() {

echo “Welcome to PHP function”;



/* Calling a PHP Function */





Regular Expression:

The sequence and pattern of the character are known as a regular expression. The regular expression provides the base for pattern matching functionality. Through regular expression, you can find out one string inside another string. You can also swap one string by another string, and you can also split into many chunks. Following are the type of regular expression

  • POSIX Regular expression
  • PERL Style Regular Expression

Summary: This article is in PHP tutorial. This tutorial will give you complete knowledge of advanced and basic topics of PHP programming language. This tutorial is helpful to those programmers who want to work with PHP.



Kitty Gupta