When you are creating a digital product such as a website, standalone application, web service and likewise, you should always use the latest programming technologies and trends so that your product outshines your competitors on paper. If you are relying on the old programming languages and post freelance jobs to hire experts in those technologies and languages, you are literally wasting your time and money. The reason is that you have to catch up with the trend at some point in the near future and reinvest to modify your product accordingly. Instead, it is better to invest in the current technologies to build your product so that there is no need for modification for a longer period of time. Here are the top programming trends for 2018 that you should know as a client or as a programmer to go with the trend.

The List Of Top Programming Trends For 2018 –

  1. JavaScript – JavaScript was one of the emerging programming languages in 2017 after being dormant for a long time. The trend is going to continue in 2018 as it has the best collections of frameworks and libraries for web development. The frameworks like Angular and React are red hot and both belong to JavaScript. As a matter of fact, JavaScript has been voted the most popular programming language of 2017 as per StackOverflow. It is creating two diverse trends in web products and the first one is the growing popularity of Single Page Application(SPA) and the second one is Progressive Web Apps(PWA) which are giving brands enough space to compete. When you hire freelance web developers, make sure they have JavaScript on their expertise list. It is also easy to build complicated apps with cross-platform support.
  2. Python – Python was the buzzing programming language of 2017 and it is only growing to gain market share in 2018. It is on course to replace Java in the long run. It has become the most trending programming language not only among software engineers and web developers but also among data scientists and analysts. The reason why it is going to replace Java is that it is connected deeply with Artificial Intelligence which is the most trending technology of the decade.
  3. PHP 7.0 – While many think that the popularity of PHP is declining like Java but the data show that PHP is alive and kicking. The reason why many programmers and web developers avoided is that one could develop only a few useful dynamic features with it conveniently. Furthermore, the advanced features were slowing down the execution time. But with the release of PHP 7.0, all the problems are taken care of and the developer community is embracing it with open arms. The experts have also predicted that along with Python, PHP is ready to reclaim its lost market share over the last 5 years. Even PHP’s frameworks are being preferred by startups to create amazing web platforms.
  4. Swift 2 – Previously, Objective C was the go-to programming language for creating iOS apps. But Swift is slowing taking over it in terms of popularity. The previous year was the breakout year for Swift as Swift 2 was launched and it makes life easy for app developers. Objective C is sure to lose its ground in this year as Swift 2 is more developer-friendly and the possibilities are limitless. Furthermore, Swift 2 is perfect for AR and VR related iOS app development which is where Apple has shown the most interest in their last KeyNote event.
  5. Ruby on Rails – Ruby on Rails is slowly but steadily becoming the most widely used programming language in the web development world. RoR is extremely powerful and highly versatile and that is why most of the popular brands use it for their websites such as AirBnB, Hulu and likewise. Over some past years, it is safe to say that it has lost some importance due to the uprise of JavaScript frameworks but the latest version of Ruby on Rails is bringing it back to the trends. The web developers can build web apps faster than ever and the applicability and performance are robust. It is its customization features and robust speed that will make it stand out once again.

Miscellaneous Trends – The trends also suggest that Blockchain technology will be taking over due to the huge popularity of cryptocurrencies and its applicability in almost anywhere is possible. Internet of Things will expand further, cybersecurity will be the determining factor for all products to separate them from its competitors and artificial intelligence will sneak in everywhere. Furthermore, virtual reality is ready to go mainstream in 2018. There will be an exponential increase in the number of clients who will hire freelance web developers with a stronghold on the above-mentioned trends.

If you are a web developer, you need to strengthen your expertise in JavaScript framework and Python to go along with the trend because there will be a huge rise of freelance jobs on those technologies. Be with the trend and you will never become obsolete with time.