In the graphic designing world, nothing sticks forever and the trends keep on changing every year. The year 2017 saw the continuation of the flat and minimalistic design approach. But this year, the trend in graphic design seems to go back to some of the classic old and retro styles but with some modernization. You are going to hire freelance graphic designers for your custom image requirements, be sure the graphics are as per the trends of the year as listed below.

  1. Bold Colors

The year 2017 saw most of the graphic designers using bold and brave colors which were definitely out of the comfort zone and traditional norms but they were received well by the targeted audiences. This year, the colors that are never used before for various mostly used designed will be put to test. Most of these bold colors are probably going to be in the background for contrast and highlight of the main object. Therefore, when you conceptualize about the branding of your product and post freelance jobs for fulfilling all the graphics requirements, make sure this trend is followed as it is likely to last for a few more upcoming years.

  1. Color Channel Effect

It has become a trend among graphic designers to play with different available color channels to produce some of the stunning and eye-catching effects. Some of the popular effects are the distorted reality, hallucinatory vision, and holograph. They are widely used for posters and banners in movies and they attract attention at once. Therefore, if you are printing out posters, flyers, and other attention seeking items for promotion and marketing, color channel inspired graphic designing will be a better option. You can also use digital banners and posters on social media to get better engagement.

  1. Semi-Flat Design

The era of totally flat design is coming to an end as the industry is adapting the semi-flat design with depth and light shadow. These elevated graphic designs are more real to the eyes and it affects our psychology quickly. There are various companies who are transforming their flat design to elevated and semi-flat designs and the era of color transition and gradients may be back again for an even better look.

  1. Negative Space Designs

Negative space is the region around the object of a design. There are extremely useful to make a design stand out and create innovative designs uniquely. They can form distinct shapes and imply double meaning for a simple illustration. That is why audiences watch them closely and pay greater attention to overcome the illusion and find out the double meaning that is hidden. Negative space designs are not used that often but 2018 could be its breakout year. Similarly, graphics designers are using the negative space creatively for typography.

  1. Hand Drawn Graphics

Custom graphics designing is growing exponentially and even though it costs a lot, clients are ready to post freelance jobs with high pay. The reason is that hand-drawn graphics are unique and the amount of work hard put into it is visible clearly for audiences to admire. It is one of the best graphic designs that always catch the attention of the targeted audience immediately and increase engagement exponentially. It brings a special value to the brand.

  1. 3D Design With Mono Color

There is no denying the fact that 3D designs are always attractive for banners, posters, and even website graphics. But due to the popularity of flat designs, 3D designs lost a bit of steam and 2018 could be their resurgence. But instead of using multiple colors, the creative designers are using single color and shadow illusions to create stunning 3D designs that will grab attention like never before. They are extremely suitable for promotion and marketing works and 3D designs with metallic elements could do wonders if only one color is used.

  1. Responsive Graphics

Even though responsiveness has touched upon all the websites due to the more mobile users and mobile-first approach by web designers, some of the graphical parts are still untouched. 2018 is going to be the year of responsive graphics for the websites and various popular graphic designers are already working on it to produce scalable logos just like a responsive website. If you are paying a good deal of money to hire freelance graphic designers and get all your graphics done, make sure he can produce responsive images so that you can provide a great user experience and get a better rank on search engines.

Apart from these designing trends, in the typography, you can expect to see texts with real-life objects that are perfectly blended. Furthermore, there is an increasing trend in chaotic typography as they have greater engagement rate from the audiences. Cropped typography is also becoming popular and there is an exponential increase trend for creative typography that adds a special value to the brand.

Kitty Gupta