Yii is a PHP framework which is tailor-made for developing large web projects. It has all the required functions to reuse modules and components and hence, you can develop large projects faster than ever. The full form of Yii is Yes It Is. Just like most of the other popular PHP frameworks, it is also having MVC framework model. Yii framework can be used for developing almost all the different types of web applications you can think of. It is equipped to handle huge web traffic at once due to its cache mechanism. It is widely used for developing portals, CMS, e-commerce sites and likewise.

Why It Is Used?

There are some unique features that Yii framework brings to the table. Apart from the usual MVC design pattern, it has a robust management system from web service requests that increase the applications you develop with Yii framework. But it is the availability of the layered caching scheme that makes it popular among developers and clients. There are fragment caching, dynamic content caching, data caching as well as page caching all of which contribute to its outstanding ability to withstand heavy web traffic effortlessly without slowing down. It also offers you the ability to change the storage medium for caching.

Furthermore, one can develop highly secured web application as security is always a concern. It prevents cookie tampering and cross-site scripting and request forgery. Error handling and filtering through the log data is a cakewalk. You can do unit testing and even functionality testing with the available tool. Most of the codes can be generated automatically which is convenient as well as enhances the development easily. It syncs well with third-party apps.

The Uses Of Yii Framework –

Simple Web Application – Even though most developers prefer very lightweight PHP frameworks for developing a web application with only a few features and not so much complication but Yii framework is also tailor-made for that. It has CRUD operations that stand for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. This enables developers to design and develop any simple web application in no time. The unit and functional testing and debugging are also robust.

E-commerce Platform – The framework has excellent modular design system and you can design e-commerce site perfectly. Most of the e-commerce sites are nothing but a combination of different functional modules. Yii framework also enables you to add additional modules in the future as and when required. Therefore, e-commerce sites can upgrade themselves with latest features to provide the ultimate experience for the users. Generally, e-commerce sites have to handle very high traffic and Yii framework’s caching mechanism will take care of it.

Portals and Forums – Yii framework is tailor-made for designing and developing portals and forums. For forums and portals, most of the modules are repetitive. Since Wii framework has the best reusability feature, developing portals and forums will be lightning fast. You can spend more time in developing different new features on the site to increase conversion rate. It has a powerful tool called ‘Gii’ which is a scaffolding tool and you can create code templates for forms, modules, extensions, models, controllers and even views. Most important, form generation and authentication are calk walks.

Database-based Web Application – Yii framework puts emphasis on developing web applications that have strong database support in the back end. It has optimized data access objects that help the developers and the back-end users to access all the databases under on common interface. It can switch between the objects seamlessly. Yii Query Builder is also very powerful and you can perform complex database queries comfortably. It ensures protection against SQL injections. Furthermore, Yii Active record is based on most used ORM. It also has provision to use third-party libraries to get more functionalities.

Innovative Web Applications – The rise in the trend of developing new web applications away from the trend is noteworthy. Everyone wants to create something the world has not witnessed yet. It could be a functional module to integrate with other applications like plugins or it could be an entire website with new features that users are going to like a lot. Yii framework has support for third-party libraries that make such development possible. Most importantly, the availability of the better caching and testing features make it easy for developers to develop a heavy application without any worry and find out the errors instantly. The development time is also reduced thanks to its CRUD operations.

Final Words –

There are many developers who are switching from popular PHP frameworks like Drupal and Laravel to Yii framework because of the availability of almost all the functions required. Starting from working with forms and databases, to caching and testing, everything in Yii framework is powerful yet simple. It has efficient technique to withstand high traffic comfortably, reuse modules, test and debug minutely, and tune performance for better user experience and SEO ranking.