One of the first things that are designed by a graphic designer hired by the startups is the logo. The logo defines the company in various aspects. Most of the customers and clients recognize a startup company by its logo instantly. In fact, the logo is instrumental in creating the best first impression. However, creating a custom-made logo design is slightly expensive for many startups. Therefore, they settle with a cheap logo by allocating the least amount of money to get it done. There is also a trend in the startups of changing the logo time and again as they progress which is also bad from a user’s perspective. This is because nobody can take a company seriously when it starts behaving whimsically. Therefore, sticking to one logo for five to ten years is a must.

Cheap Logo Vs Custom Made Logo –

Now that the fact is established that you have to keep your logo fixed from the very first day to least next five years, it is wise to opt for a custom-made logo over a cheap logo. The reason is that when you make a cheap logo, the kind of feedback you will get from the customers will force you to change it anyways to a custom made logo. Moreover, if you see the trend of the established startups, you will find that they are opting for the custom-made logo from the very first day. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you should minimize the budget in some other parameters but you should not comprise on the logo. Get your startup a custom-made logo and make the best first impressions. If you are still not convinced, the following benefits of the custom-made logo will surely force you to get one.

Benefits Of Custom-Made Logo Design –

Brand Identity –

A logo is a reflection of the personality of a brand. If you opt for a cheap logo, the users will consider you less valuable. That is because the users can differentiate between cheap and custom-made logos as they come across so many other companies every day. Moreover, you are going to get lost in the shuffle with a cheap logo that fails to live a long lasting impression. Therefore, you should get a logo that can make you stand apart from your competitors and that is only possible with a custom-made logo. A custom-made logo is very cleverly done to showcase the motto and the niche of the company. It is so intriguing that the users will use their brain to decode it and in the process, it will be long-lasting in their mind.

Business Credibility –

As stated earlier that a logo helps you to stand out in your niche. But it is not only limited to standing out visually but also in terms of business credibility. It is a common nature of human beings to take someone seriously who wear creative and expensive things whether it is the dress, the accessories he is wearing or the gadgets he is carrying. In the exact same way, when a user sees a creative and rather expensive logo done by a startup, they will pay more attention than usual. That is exactly why Apple is the most valuable company in the world. A custom-made logo increases the brand value and everyone takes your business or brand seriously rather than just ignoring and making you an afterthought. It reflects the quality and professionalism as well as the originality of the brand.

Memorable –

Brand awareness is all about making the targeted customers remember you and your products. The first thing any person would notice in the logo of the company. Only if the logo can intrigue the person, he is likely to remember the company. You are also likely to look further into it. Moreover, by nature, human beings can remember images more than words. Therefore, a custom-made graphical logo has the power to increase your brand awareness and make your brand memorable for the targeted audiences. A cheap logo generally has a common pattern and therefore, no one will give a damn about it. It should be something you can take pride in because it will be printed on leaflets, posters, business cards and all such stuff. You can also send out a hidden message through your logo that the targeted customers can easily understand and hence, the brand will stay in the mind for a longer time.

There is no doubt that as a startup, you should go for the custom-made logo. While going for it, be clear whether you want it to be text-based, illustration-based, or abstract symbol-based. Then the color is highly important to choose correctly to make the best impression and catch attention instantly. You should leave the creativity of the graphic design but there must be consistency in all brand images and pictures.

Kitty Gupta