Java is something that can be referred to as a previous generation programming language. Java successfully overcame its competitors such as C and C++ and carved out a massive majority of developers for it. In fact, the glory of the modern languages is due to Java to the maximum extent. But the real question is whether Java is still relevant? There are so many different modern programming languages out there that are doing extremely good and the brightest one of them is Python. There are many who feel like Python is killing Java but the truth is Java is thriving in big companies.

The fact that major corporations are still using Java is clear from their careers page. The careers page is where they post the requirements of job employment and they list out the major technologies where they want to recruit. It is very clear for those pages that Java is still leading in recruitment over Python even though some companies are making transitions to Python from the existing technology. In fact, almost all big companies still code in Java and the reason is not far fetching.

Reasons For Its Popularity –

In today’s world, any application is incomplete unless its mobile app is out. The majority of the smartphones and smart devices have Android as its operating system. Android development is impossible without Java and it is one of the main reasons why Java is thriving in today’s programming world. In fact, there are many big companies now that are solely dependent on their mobile applications for their majority of revenue.

Web Applications –

Back in the time, Java was the most secure programming language. Therefore, most of the government applications that were web-based were developed in Java. You know that no government wants to make changes when things are going smoothly. Therefore, for any changes, Java is being used to add the new features to the existing Java web applications. The government projects are the major source of revenue for many big software companies to date.

Frameworks –

The better the framework a programming language has, the more convenient it is for the developer. Java has the best collection of frameworks even today in comparison to Python. For example, the Spring framework is the reason why big companies prefer to use Java as it is easy for the small development teams to collaborate and work in a more organized way.

Major Updates –

If you see the updates of Java, there are not minor updates at all. They take time to release their updates and each one of them significantly improves the programming language to adapt to the modern techniques and requirements of the industry. Why should one migrate to another programming language in a company when the programming language is modern and robust and there are developers who are expert at it.

Apart from these, Java has all the features that any modern programming language can offer. It is easy to write code and there are so many different tools and communities available to get help from. The scalability, the performance, and the reliability are what a company needs from a programming language and Java delivers the parameters absolutely top-notch.

Big Companies Still Using Java –

In comparison to its peers, Java nearly has double the market share among big companies currently. It is true that it has lost some ground after the emergence of Python and web and product companies making the transition. The top three sectors – company software, IT and services, and internet are where Java leads. We all know that the big tech companies in the world are mostly from the United States. It is surprising to find that the US has the most Java customers meaning more number of companies is using Java still now. To be specific, 64% of the market share of Java customers belongs to the United State and the next country is India with 11% share. More than 64,000 companies are using Java in the US.

Coming specifically to the big companies, Airbnb is using Java, Uber is based on Java, LinkedIn is a Microsoft product now yet it is sporting Java. eBay is based on Java, Pinterest, Groupon, Spotify, Pandora, Square are based on Java mostly. In India, most of the big companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL Tech, and even product companies like Naukri, Jaboong, Myntra, Flipkart, Trivago, ibibo, TripAdvisor and much more have still using Java and showing no sign of switching.

The biggest internet company Google has a huge percentage of its development in Java. Accenture is using Java for most of its clients. Hardware companies like Intel, Symantec, Philips, Thomson, T-Mobile are all Java lovers. Huge products companies like Thumbtack, Evernote, Klout, BetterCloud, Yelp, Okta, Slack and much more are using Java regularly.

In fact, companies with revenues of 1million to 10 million are mostly using Java for the time being.