It is said that Vietnamese high school kids can pass the toughest job interviews for a software engineer’s post which are Google interviews. In fact, it has taken a lot of Google engineers by surprise when 11th-grade students of Vietnam solved Google’s difficult interview process that even graduates cannot crack. Besides, out of the South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar, Vietnam has produced the most number of top programmers in the world. There are Vietnamese programmers available in all the leading software companies in the world occupying the top seats in the programming department of those companies. Naturally, the question arises how Vietnam manages to produce so many top-level programmers.

Looking Deeper Into Vietnam Education System –

If a country is producing more experts in a particular field, then there must be more educational institute and interest of the people about the field. The interest can grow due to various factors such as the monetary benefits, passion from childhood, or lack of other options. In the case of Vietnam, the reason behind the production of so many top programmers is due to passion the Vietnamese develop from their childhood. As per a report in the newspaper, Vietnamese kids begin to learn basic programming when they are in their second grade only. By the time, they are in third grade, they get familiar with Windows and typing.

In comparison to the United States kids and Vietnamese kids in terms of technical technological knowledge, Vietnamese clearly stand out. This is irrespective of the fact the United States is the hub of technology for the entire world. The learning curve widens as the students of Vietnam jumps from lower to a higher grade. In the fifth grade, they start to learn how to write the procedure for loops and calling procedures. In fact, many experts have gone as far as comparing the fifth-grade students of Vietnam with 11th-grade students in the United States. With so much knowledge of computer and software, it is not surprising to find on the news the Vietnamese kids are developing mobile apps and software applications.

It is due to the supreme intelligence of the Vietnamese from the childhood onwards, it is not really a surprise that the country manages to produce top programmers every year. The liking for computer programming develops naturally in them and not due to the fact that they have to learn it to get a job. In fact, Vietnam is one of the most popular choices in the world for information technology outsourcing. Vietnam has the golden population for the IT companies as most of them have knowledge of computer programming. Besides, the labor cost is relatively low which is why Vietnam programmers are getting more chances than programmers in the rest of the work. The higher the recruitment rate, the higher is the chance of the programmers making it to the top-level. In ballpark figures, Vietnam programmers produce around 40,000 bachelor degrees in computer programming every year.

Vietnam Vs The Rest Of The World –

China and India are the major countries where most of the outsource works are done. But given the rising costs of Chinese and Indian labor as the nations are progressing, the companies are considering Vietnam as the viable alternative. The reason is the availability of quality programmer at relative equal or lower rates. Moreover, the young Vietnamese have the knowledge and they are hungrier for the job opportunity and they are willing to take the job at a respective rate rather than high figures. Besides, they are likely to be more enthusiastic about coding than the elder guys and girls.

The curriculum offered by most of the Vietnam schools outshines all the western countries and the response from the children is something that is unexpected for many. The children are willing to learn programming and the rate of learning complex things is super fast. Well, from generation to generation, the genes of the parents can create an influence. Therefore, Vietnam is considered to be the next hub of IT world. A Google engineer from Vietnam stated that the problems they solve for the assignments are the ones college students from other countries do.

The most surprising fact that is the toughest of assignment questions and coding are solved by the majority of the class. This is because almost everyone takes interesting in computer programming and love to take the challenging assignment. This is the attitude IT companies are looking for in their employees. Tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft, LG, and Intel have set up their base of operation in Vietnam and getting an early grab on the top programmers coming out every year. Moreover, the people in Vietnam are ready to work for 12 hours a day and 6 days a week as against the popular tradition of 5 days in most of the countries.

Kitty Gupta