In order to run a business online, there must be a strong infrastructure to back it up. The infrastructure should have a high-quality network connection and powerful servers. You cannot afford even a minute of downtime in the online world. However, the server, the service, as well as the application can crash anytime especially due to the overload. To avoid such scenarios, you have to monitor the servers and services continuously. When you keep scanning continuously, you will surely get warnings before you face the failure and you can make the necessary arrangement to avoid the failure.

This is why the server monitoring tools play such an important to monitor the performance of the applications, web services, and the overall infrastructure. Besides, you can detect any failure instantly and prevent and minimize the downtime. The following is the list of the best server monitoring tools available.

Best Server Monitoring Tools –

Nagios Core –

It is definitely one of the best server monitoring tools available if not the best. There are various ways it provides to monitor the server’s performance and detect the failure. Not just that, it offers the solutions to resolve the issues. The best part is that it tracks and resolves the issues automatically and therefore, you do not have to continuously keep an eye on it. The user interface is quite easy to use, and it allows the admin to control and customize the dashboard as per the requirements for better monitoring.

The product has support for over 3000 add-ons, and hence, there is no requirement of having any other monitoring tool. Besides, it supports all the different types of servers like Windows server, Linux server, Solaris and Unix server. It detects all server failure, service failure, and even process failure instantly. It is proven that it minimizes the downtime to the least and therefore, it is so widely popular across the world. There is a variety of graphs available to monitor various parameters of the servers graphically.

SolarWinds –

This is another agentless server monitoring software. This means that no one has to be physically present to monitor the performance and resolve the issues manually. The software monitors everything, detects the issues and immediately solves the problems. Besides, it has the option to alert the users of any issue, and the reports it generates are robust. It can restart the server during an emergency, kill processors to reduce the overload, and restart services when there is a hang.

Moreover, it keeps a close eye on the server response time, all the different services, memory, CPU load, event logs and much more. Even though it is a free tool, there are various plans available for more features. You can customize the dashboard and check and graphs and maps. Many consider it the best server monitoring tools available.

Icinga –

This is a very popular server monitoring tool, and it keeps sending notifications to the admin about the current status. Most of the functions are common with Nagios and therefore, it is an alternative some people opt for because of its relatively low plans. It is an open source server monitoring tool and therefore, a lot of things are available for free. It checks for the network services, server availability, overall performance, the status of the processes and much more.

The user interface is user-friendly. Apart from the server, it allows you to monitor different server components like routers, switches and likewise. This extra feature makes it a favorite as there are a lot of occasions when these hardware components are the main culprit behind performance slow down. Besides, there are the usual performance graphs, reports, and network maps.

WhatsUp Gold –

It is a premium server monitoring tool, and most of the businesses opt for premium server monitoring tools for better monitoring and resolving issues instantly. This tool is highly beneficial in processing loads and therefore, it ensures no downtime at all as far as possible. It has the feature of real-time network management across multiple websites. There are over 200 reports generated from the important data collected, and the reports are in the form of actionable intelligence. Moreover, it monitors various security measures available in the server so that you are alerted when there is illegal trespassing.

In short, it is the most feature-rich server monitoring tool available, and there is the notification system applicable via email and SMS. You can customize your dashboard, the reports, and it supports a wider range of data for maps and monitoring. However, many find the interface non-intuitive. But with time, you are going to get used to it and monitor your server performance perfectly.

Apart from these best server monitoring tools, there are a few more such tools available that deserve some mentions. They are OpenNMS, OP5, Retrace, PRTG, Zabbix, and Monitis. If you want to check out the tools, search them on Google for their official websites. You should definitely try out the free versions before opting for the paid version.

Kitty Gupta