MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and it is used for technical and numerical computing. It allows plotting of data, implementation of algorithms especially the complex ones, matrix manipulations, and even creating user interfaces. The MATLAB programmers are one of the highest paid ones in the world.

It was originally developed for numerical computation, but these days, there are multiple tools and packages available to extend its use in technical computing and embedded systems. As a matter of fact, it provides an easy environment for the integration of programming, visualization, and computation. Therefore, solving the problems which are expressed in mathematical notation is easy. It has over 3 million users, and these users come from science, economics and obviously engineering.

Applications Of MATLAB and Reason For Use-

Computer Science –

The computer science is majorly based on mathematical tasks. MATLAB has a rich toolbox set for all mathematical tasks. The scientists can rapidly prototype an algorithm. After that, they can estimate the development resources and commit to them for implementation in different programming languages like C, C++, and Java. Therefore, the reason for using MATLAB in computer science is to enhance productivity. Apart from that, computer scientists use MATLAB for validation of outputs and dealing with unknowns in algorithms.

Stimulation –

Stimulation is all about creating a real-world counterpart in order to test things before putting them into practice. This helps to save time and cost and try out different solutions. Moreover, it increases the security of any new development, and hence, the innovation of new technology will be promoted. MATLAB makes stimulation easy and possible only if the parameters fit correctly. Based on the model, it can show how the technology will work, create mathematical models for defining the technology, and demonstrating the workflow using animation.

Image Processing –

Image processing is managing the pixels using mathematical techniques and manipulating the matrix. We all know that MATLAB is popular for matrix manipulation and matrices are an integral part of image processing. Starting from adding matrices to sorting them and testing matrices, everything is possible on MATLAB with ease.

Working With Mathematical Parameters –

MATLAB is perfect for all the works that involve linear algebra. Starting from predicting the turnover of a company to its future expectations and predictions, MATLAB is essential for economic works. This is because the analytics and research work with MATLAB can help in taking profitable business decisions and creating financial plans to get the best returns and benefits in the short t long run.

Coming to numerical analysis, MATLAB is tailor-made for that at the very beginning. Starting from building construction to astronomy, MATLAB’s inputs and outputs are critical in all commercial projects. It is widely used by architects. Besides, it is used to explore various new theories, especially in the health and pharmaceutical industry.

Why Is MATLAB Preferred?

High-level Language – MATLAB is a high-level programming language irrespective of the fact that its learning curve is steep and slightly difficult to master. However, if you have some knowledge about any common high-level programming language like Java or Python, the learning can be easy and relatable. It has all the common components like data structures, control flow statements, object-oriented features, functions and likewise. Moreover, it is a scalable programming language allowing the creation of small applications as well as large-scale commercial applications.

Environment – The working environment is important for any programming language. It has a set of tools that increase its versatile. Besides, it provides a robust platform for managing variables and import and export of data. There are tools for developing, debugging, and profiling. Apart from that, there are various visualization tools available for image processing, animation, and presentation of graphical data. You can customize the graphics as well as create your own graphical user interface as per your requirements.

Miscellaneous – The function library of MATLAB is vast for all mathematical works and computational algorithms. All the basics and advanced functions are available which is why it is so popular. Besides, there are various APIs available for external interaction.

If you want to learn a programming language that is rather uncommon, MATLAB is ideal. Moreover, if you want to go into the research field, MATLAB is a must as it is an integral part of all research works.

Kitty Gupta