The translation of the website in a different language has become a regular thing now. Yes, there are efforts and money involved, but the return on the investment can be outstanding. With the introduction of Google translation, having multilingual support has become a common thing. But it totally depends on your business and the targeted audiences you have in mind. If your online business caters to people of different cultures and languages, translating your website in those languages are a must. In fact, there are only 55% of English speakers online. The following is the list of the top 10 reasons why you need to translate your website.

1. More Customers –

The main reason for website translation is to get more customers. More languages increase the reach of the website making it understandable to all the people using those languages. A business which you might have started for local people can go global now. Not just that, you can cater to local people better and the growth of the business will be better.

2. Improve SEO –

No online business can be successful without taking full care of SEO parameters. According to the SEO factors, website having translation facility in multiple languages clearly gets an edge. Therefore, you can leave behind your neck-to-neck competitors with the translation feature on the search engine result pages comfortably. Therefore, you are likely to get more potential customers and sales.

3. Improving User Experience –

At the very beginning, you may not have any idea from where you will be getting the customers. But after some time, with analytics, you will understand the type of audiences you are getting. Accordingly, you can serve the majority of the audiences with content in their preferred language. This is surely going to improve user experience and the image of the brand will be better.

4. Improving Conversion Rate –

When you show the users content in their preferred language, they will be more interested in your product or service. This is because they will be able to understand your content better. This is exactly why the conversion rate from visitor to lead to customer will increase significantly. You do not have to translate the entire website, you can do an A/B test and see the result and then carry on accordingly.

5. Competing With Peers –

As stated earlier, there are loads of websites having translation of content in different language. Therefore, it is possible that your competitors already have translation service on your websites for the audiences. Hence, to compete well, you have to translate as you have to provide what your competitors are providing and then more to succeed. You cannot lose ground to your competitors.

6. Taking Your Business Overseas –

If your product can be shipped overseas or your service is digital, and anyone from any country can avail it, translation becomes a necessity. There are various countries like Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, China, India where the local language is more popular than English. Therefore, with translation, you can take your business overseas and increase sales and revenue like never before.

7. Continue The Growth Story –

There are times when the growth story of your business starts to become flat due to lack of improvement over a long time. The introduction of translation of your website is a pleasant change that will help your growth story to continue, and in fact, it can boost your growth story to the next level. It will give you’re the edge in an already saturated market. You can expand your reach and get customers from different sections of the society you may not have imagined before.

8. Accuracy And Error-Free Content –

We all know that there are automatic translation services available like Google Translate. But frankly speaking, they produce the wrong translate, and a native speaker will find it full of errors and your brand image will go down. Therefore, you have to hire a translator specifically and translate in desired languages for accuracy and consistency in the language and producing error-free content.

9. Increase Engagement

A visitor who does not know English, he is going to leave your website immediately without finding a proper translation. However, when you have that proper translation in his language, he will be interested in reading the content and staying there for a longer period of time. This will increase the engagement time, and it is better for your website ranking on search engines.

10. Building A Stronger Brand Image

The brand image is everything in today’s world. A brand which can provide more for their potential customers, it is perceived as a better brand. With translation service, your brand image will be brand even though it is not bringing new visitors to your website. Due to the presence of translation service, people will think that your business has a greater reach nationally as well as internationally and this will increase the brand value significantly in their eyes.

Each and every above reason is important for the success of a website and therefore, without a second through, you should translate your websites in languages your visitors are likely to prefer.

Kitty Gupta