Integrated Developer Environment is a software application or platform where the developers write programs and execute them. The quality and features that IDEs offer, they determine how easy the developers find to write a program on them. The features such as accurate error messages after compilation and debug easily, auto-complete features for typing mistakes, and likewise can make a platform very comfortable. The following is the list of the top 10 best IDEs available in the market in different programming languages.

  1. Visual Studio –
    Visual Studio is the most favorite IDE for beginners as it is so intuitive and it autocompletes a lot of things and let the programmers identify the errors with different colors. There are many versions of Visual Studio available, and you can do web application, video games as well as mobile apps. There are various tools available for testing in various devices and browsers. Starting from ASP.NET and JavaScript to Visual Basic and Visual C#, various such languages are supported. The library extension is unmatched, and GUI design dashboard is beyond imagination.
  2. Eclipse –
    It is one of the most popular IDEs on the list, and even professionals use it. It was originally designed for Java programming, but now there is support for various popular languages. There are tools for charting, modeling, reporting, testing and much more. It supports C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Perl. There is JUnit integration, but there is some learning required to make the best use of the IDE.
  3. Code Blocks –
    This is probably the most preferred IDE for C programming. Along with that, C++ is also supported and all those learning the programming language, they prefer it over Eclipse. But in the professional field, Eclipse is preferred. The IDE is customization, and they can switch between workspaces, which is useful when working on a large project. It runs on all operating systems, and the text editor is quite intelligent.
  4. NetBeans
    The popularity of NetBeans has gone down slightly over the last few years ever since the epic rise of Eclipse. However, it is still a hot favorite in the professional world for Java, C, and C++. There is support for more languages, and it is a free IDE, and it is open source. There are static and dynamic libraries, and the interface is intuitive.
  5. PyCharm –
    From its name, you can understand that it supports Python. Along with that, there is support for AngularJS, CoffeeScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript and various templating languages. Therefore, it is a complete allrounder, and it is compatible with all operating systems. The interface is customizable as per your liking, and it also supports Google App Engine.
  6. Atom –
    You must have heard the name this is new-concept IDE. Atom is through and through customizable, and it is adaptable to your requirements. It has cross-platform features, and it works on all operating system. There is a built-in package manager and intelligent autocomplete features. Besides, there are syntax themes and effective file system browser.
  7. Arduino IDE –
    It is an open-source electronics firmware platform, and it is so user-friendly and flexible. It is one of the easiest IDEs to connect hardware with software, and apart from offline IDE, there is a browser-based IDE also available. It runs on all operating system, and you can save your sketches in the cloud, and it is a very modern IDE to work with. On top of that, it is a free IDE.
  8. RubyMine –
    Even though Python is the most popular programming language, Ruby is its fierce rival. For Ruby developers, there is no better IDE available that RubyMine. It is a premium IDE, and it supports Ruby, Rails, CoffeeScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and much more. There is autocomplete feature, auto refactoring, project tree, project view, iOS development, Stack support and much more.
  9. Android Studio –
    It is the official IDE for Android, and if you have a powerful computer, this is the best IDE for Android application development. The IDE is highly versatile and flexible, and it is completely feature-rich, and there are code templates available. You can also integrate your GitHub, and you can test your code in different versions of Android.
  10. Xcode –
    Xcode is a free and open-source IDE, and there are different types of tools available for Apple device based developments. Most of the people think that Apple based development is tough. Let us just say that Xcode makes it so easy. It supports AppleScript, Objective-C and C, and C++ along with Java.
    Different developers prefer different IDEs to work with. However, all the companies have one IDE to work on for a specific programming language. We have listed the best-integrated developer environments that are extremely popular with loads of features.
Kitty Gupta