Before coming to Big Data, it is important to understand why Big Data is so popular or getting importance in the current scenario. Big Data is a collection of a massive amount of different types of data. The more the data, the better will be the analysis as the outcome will be more prominent and effective. There are plenty of startups coming up that are totally based on Big Data collection, storage, and analysis.

The Role of Big Data Engineer –

The popularity of Big Data is not because of what it is but what is possible with it. It is the analysis of the Big Data that gives the companies all the edges they need to succeed in their business and over their competitors. The job of a Big Data Engineer is to develop solutions within the organization for storing the data in a proper format so that analysis becomes easy. The solutions are also developed by them for better evaluation. Most of them develop data processing systems so that raw data are stored in a best-formatted way so that analysis is automated. He is going to be an expert in the data warehousing solution.

A Big Data engineer should have enough knowledge of object-oriented design, data processing, Hadoop based technologies such as MapReduce, Cassandra, and likewise. Not just that, they should have knowledge of data infrastructure, and they have to deal with disturbed systems that are scalable. Moreover, they should have algorithm design knowledge so that Big Data can be analyzed automatically to give a detailed report. Most importantly, he should be ready to deal with all types of Big Data. He should be innovative enough to design creative solutions regarding Big Data.

Salary Of Big Data Engineer –

The role of a Big Data Engineer is the key to success for a company. It can change the fortune of a company and give him the required edge over the competitor. Besides, better data processing reduces the overall effort for all the processes related to those data. Moreover, it brings down the need for manpower in data management with automation. The average salary of Big Data Engineer, according to Payscale, is around $90,000.

The lower range of salary is in between $30,000 to $35,000, whereas the experienced Big Data Engineer is in between $145,000 to $220,000. There are junior and senior Big Data Engineer, DevOps Engineers, Data Engineer, and likewise, all of which are involved in the same process.

The demand for Big Data engineers in today’s scenario is extremely high. The demand is going to increase with time and therefore, having all the skill sets to become a Big Data Engineer is the best bet at present. It is clear from the simple fact that the Big Data market is expected to go up from $42 billion in 2017 to $103 billion in 2027.