Today, you can see that there are so many instant messaging applications available in the market. If you are a Linux user then you very well know about Telegram. It is a best Instant Messaging application which is very similar to the functionality of WhatsApp. For your kind information, it has a very huge user base. It has so many attractive features which differentiate it from any other instant messaging application.

If you are here and reading this article then, it is sure you want to install Telegram on Linux platform. Here in this article, we are providing detailed instructions to install Telegram on Linux Platform. But before we proceed let me give you details about this highly efficient application

Some Attractive Features of Telegram

1. Execution for mobile and Smartphone devices

2. Easily accessible for Desktop.

3. API (in simple words you can say that the Application Program Interface) of this application can be accessed by third-party developers.

4. This application is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Web-Version, Windows Phone, Mac, PC, and Linux

5. The application offers self destruct and Heavily Encrypted messages.

6. This Application allows you to complete access over your messages from different platform and devices.

7. The message delivery and processing are remarkably fast.

8. Disseminated server all over the globe for speed and security.

9. Free Protocol and Open API

10. No any types of Ads, No charges of Subscription. – It is completely free.

11. Prevailing – No such limit to chats and media

12. Different types of security measures which make it secure from unauthorized entities.

13. Quick reply to any message in the group. You just need to mention @username to inform multiple users in any particular group.

Why should you use Telegram?

When apps such as WhatsApp and other popular IM are offering the almost same type of things in a bag, what is the requirement to choose Telegram?

Well, there is nothing much to say about this, API availability to third party developer is very much sufficient to say. Likewise availability for PC that indicates you no need to struggle typing message with your Smartphone or mobile, but you can utilize the functionality of your PC and it is really sufficient

Have you made up your mind to start using Telegram on Linux?

Apparently, it looks that Telegram needs an Android and mobile phone, but no need to take tension.  You can utilize your Smartphone to start and your desired Linux device to get on Telegram.

The capability of SMS is needed though, in what decade did the earlier mobile without SMS evaporate? When you use Telegram from the starting, the system needs that you classify yourself. It may make you trust that you must start using Telegram on your phone. Remember, when you will use Telegram you no need to use a normal user name. In its place, you can use your mobile phone to keep secure your access. So, you do want a working phone number though.

Choose a phone number for the commencement.

The app will ask for verification before you start.  When you have a mobile on, you can start the process of your installation. The very first time you run the app, it would ask for your mobile number and you will get an SMS. This process is similar for every new type of install. In case you utilize the same mobile phone each time, the specific system will return the screen with the possible channels you have selected on other devices. It would even keep track of where you stopped reading.

Now we are coming to the process of Telegram installation on Linux platform:

For the very first, you need to download the client. Apt

  • With lots of distributions, you can without any difficulty search the Telegram Desktop in your repositories. Careful research in the Linux repositories will confirm both the desktop client as well as some other packages. Some other packages are for fully supporting voice over IP for the installation of your Telegram. Even, there are available development libraries. In case you wish to utilize this option, the process of install is an easy apt command.
  • To install the application, you need to visit official site f Telegram. With the help of this website, you can download source package of Telegram (tsetup.1.1.23.tar.xz) for your Linux system. If you are good enough in programming then you can use wget command to directly download the application.
    • # wget
  • When application package has been completely downloaded, you need to unpack the tarball and change from an existing working directory to the extracted directory.
    • # tar -xf tsetup.1.1.23.tar.xz  
    • # cd Telegram/
  • After that, you need to execute the binary file ‘Telegram’ from your command line as mentioned below.
    • # ./Telegram

It seems the installation process of Telegram on Linux is very simple. Now we are heading towards:

How to use Telegram in Linux

  • Now, when you have successfully installed Telegram on your Linux system, to use it, you just need to write telegram in the terminal. With this, you can easily start the app.
  • In case you are using Ubuntu, I adviced that you ‘lock it to the launcher’ therefore you can without any problem access it from Unity Launcher. You no need to type the command each and every time. Obviously, at the very first run, you will need to confirm your phone number.
  • The overall interface seems very much clean in Ubuntu. And you can utilize same set emoticons which are available in your mobile app.
  • When the application is in working condition and you are using the functionality of an application, you will get desktop notifications for every new message. At the present time, it does not use Gnome or native Unity notifications. But you should understand! At least there are message notifications.
  • Now you are all set to use the benefits of Telegram on your Linux platform, so start chatting with your friends.

Conclusion: If you are new to use Linux and don’t know how to install instant messenger then this article can be a great help.

Kitty Gupta