If comes to Amazon EC2 then it offers a broad selection of instance types perfectly optimized to fit different cases of use. These available instance types contain different combinations of memory, CPU, networking capacity, storage and provide you the complete flexibility to select the suitable mix of resources for your apps. Each and every instance type contains one or more instance sizes, permitting you to balance your resources to your target workload needs.

General Function

General function instances offer a perfect balance of memory, compute and networking resources, and can be utilized for different workloads. These Amazon instances are really very best for applications which utilize these resources in equal scopes like code repositories and web servers.


  • Customized AWS Graviton Processor with an effective Neoverse core of 64-bit Arm
  • Fully support for Improved Networking with more than Network bandwidth of 10 Gbps
  • By default EBS-optimized
  • AWS Nitro Powered System, a perfect mixture of a lightweight hypervisor and dedicated hardware

Compute Optimized

These types of instances are best for applications to compute bound which advantage from higher performance system processors. These instances directly belonging to this family are perfectly matched for media transcoding, batch processing workloads, high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance web servers, dedicated gaming servers, ad server engines, scientific modeling, machine learning inference, and some other applications (compute intensive).


  • You should know that C5 instances provide a wonderful choice of processors fully based on the instance size.
  • New c5.24xl, c5.12xl, and c5.metal instances mark customized Intel Xeon Scalable Processors of 2nd generation along with a continual all core 3.6GHz Turbo frequency and just single-core 3.9GHz turbo frequency.
  • Some other sizes of C5 instance will start on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processors 2nd generation or Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 1st generation series processor with a constant all core Turbo frequency of more than 3.4GHz and just one core turbo frequency of approximately 3.5 GHz.
  • The new bigger size of the instance, c5.24xlarge, provides 192 GiB and 96 vCPUs of memory
  • Needs the proper level of HVM AMIs which contain drivers for NVMe and ENA
  • With Amazon C5d instances, NVMe local-based SSDs are connected physically to the hosting server and offer block-level storage which is united to the life span of the C5 instance
  • ENA (Elastic Network Adapter) offers C5 instances with approximately 25 Gbps of network bandwidth and approximately 14 Gbps of bandwidth dedicated to Amazon EBS.


These types of Amazon instances are carefully designed to give fast and excellent performance for workloads which process big enough data sets in memory.


  • Approximately Intel Xeon Platinum 8175, 3.1 GHz processors with highly effective and Intel Advanced Vector Extension order set
  • More than 768 GiB of memory for each instance
  • AWS Nitro System Powered, a perfect mixture of the lightweight hypervisor as well as dedicated hardware
  • With fully functional R5d instances, NVMe local-based SSDs are connected physically to the host server and give storage block-level which is coupled to the R5 instance lifetime.
  • New 16xlarge and 8xlarge size now easily available.

Accelerated Computing

These highly efficient accelerated computing instances utilized different types of hardware accelerators or co-processors, to execute different types of functions, like calculations of floating-point number, processing of the graphics, or data pattern matching, more professionally than is feasible in running software application on CPUs.


  • Equal to V100 GPUs 8 NVIDIA Tesla, each and every pairing 640 Tensor Cores and 5,120 CUDA Cores
  • The higher level of Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 frequency processors for p3.8xlarge, p3.2xlarge, and p3.16xlarge.
  • Higher frequency Intel Xeon P-8175M 2.5 GHz processors for p3dn.24xlarge.
  • Fully supports NVLink for GPU peer-to-peer communication
  • Offers approx 100 Gbps of combined network bandwidth within a perfect and effective Placement Group.

Storage Optimized

You should understand that storage optimized instances are wonderfully designed for workloads which need sequential, high read and write complete access to very big enough data sets on local storage. They are efficiently optimized to deliver lots of thousands of lower-latency, randomized I/O operations for each second (IOPS) to different types of applications.


  • Intel Xeon High-Frequency E5-2686 v4 Processors along with 2.3 GHz base frequency
  • Approx network bandwidth of 25 Gbps utilizing ENA (Elastic Network Adapter) based Improved Networking
  • I/O High Random performance as well as High Sequential Read throughput
  • It is supporting the size of bare metal instance for different workloads which advantage from direct access to physical memory and processor

Now you are very well aware of different Amazon instances now it is the time to learn How to Export Amazon EC2 Instances to a CSV File? Here we are giving you some coding that can help you to do this perfectly:

Most popular website Amazon is bound to fifty instances for each page. Viewing different types of instances is throbbing and it does not actually support exporting to TSV/CS/Excel/some other. The just solution is to utilize the CLI.

Important Requirements

AWS account with the complete authority to view your web servers

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