Setting up your new business is the most tedious task, as setting up of a business is not just a sole thing that needs to be done, rather you must ensure that you are following all the requisite things to ensure the success of your business. Here the question is that what do you recommend to do first? What are the most important and crucial points that you should cover?

This brings me to the other and the most crucial recommendation is about giving yourself a much reasonable and affordable timeline for building your business before you will also entertain the idea related to quitting. Specifically, 2–3 years is considered to be best, so you need to ensure that you have a mental runway as well as the financial runway that could simply help you to attain the goal of 2-3 years to get the success in your business.

It is important to note that Success not just happen overnight, irrespective of the fact that what are the glorified stories of business like to make the people think! There would also be some of the moments while you will be quite glad you gave yourself the long timeline that could keep pushing as well as not give up.

“What is the worst thing which will happen?” Let us ask this kind of question continually, and it also assists to keep everything in their perspective and it also pushes me to take high risks that could be out from the comfort zone, but it is certainly great for the business.

What would you think could be the greatest challenges for startup entrepreneurs?

It is believed that a great challenge for the new entrepreneurs is a clear understanding and problem which they are solving. Various startups come on the scene, but they are not tackling a great need. It makes achieving a great level of success several times harder. The meaning is clear here, do we need another line for baby clothing? All businesses should solve the problem. If the problem is bigger, certainly there is more possibility to get success.

Let us now discuss the top 5 tips that you should follow when you are starting a business as a startup and when you are looking to get a great success in your business.

1. Keep the blinders on also keep your eye on the prize. This is quite simple to get the sidetracked or also quite much envious of different companies as well as the leaders in the space who might also have better set for funding, a great level of publicity, or the slicker feed for Instagram. On the other hand, you also need to remember: that there is room for everyone and believe me that even Burger King, Heck, they all did just perfectly fine! Hence, you must be focused on the end-goal and why have you launched a business in the starting place. You mustn’t get sidetracked by the glamorous and shiny opportunities or about what are your competitors doing, particularly when those opportunities are not 100% perfectly aligned with the mission of your business.

2. Outsource efficiently. When we are starting a new startup it is important to be clear in your thought that you alone cannot do every tiny bit of work and so for this, you must hire the efficient people outside. In case if you think that outsourcing or hiring a resource will be an expensive affair so let me just tell you that if you will want to do entire of the work all by yourself you will get stuck in some or other thing and you will have to put more time than required. This will also reduce your efficiency to work. When weighing about the fact that what does an hour of your time was worth against the cost that was involved to outsource tasks were cannibalizing your bandwidth, so this kind of the decision was a quite simple and easy task. At times, even while you are bootstrapping, you need to spend some amount of money that could help you to make more money.

3. Keep the complete focus on the quality above anything else. As you will probably not be scaling big as well as fast as the bootstrapped startup company, you should keep complete focus on what you need to have control over the quality. You should stay completely focused on making the business best it may be with funds that you have. You should also remember that while you decide to get the funding outside, you may also enter into the completely different kind of dynamic of the business. Investors wish to scale and they also wish to returns. As the bootstrapped entrepreneur, you should also have complete advantage of getting able to completely focus on quality.

4. Diversify the streams of revenue. As the business of bootstrapped, you don’t need to have resources or steam that could keep pivoting the business. Set yourself with an additional revenue stream that could offset the lanes of business model which might not be working then you had looked for.

5. Design the budget and specify the timeline for your initial 2 years. You should have a proper financial plan and know precisely how much you will be willing to invest in the business upfront, so you may also budget accordingly devoid of stressing over the constant requirement to spend. 


More significant than anything when you are starting a new business is that you should be much clear about the understanding of the mission of the business, and even falling in love with such kind of mission. While something does not work out as well planned, or when you are having the awful day, reminding about why you have started the business in the first place will certainly get back on the horse. Perseverance and Persistence will set apart winners from quitters.

Kitty Gupta