In case you are you’re a programmer or software developer, probably you have experienced minimum a twinge of jealousy when discussing to your friends that have changed to freelancing platforms.

You will feel shocked to know that if you will be a freelance developer, you can earn enough as compared to you would in a permanent job.

Even, you have a complete level of freedom to be your boss as well as get pleasure from flexible working hours and a lot of other perks.

But it is not a good idea to quit your existing job and start your own if you do not yet have a constant customer base.

And to make that customer list, you first must get observed.

Here in this article, we are sharing 10 important tips that will help you get some courtesy as a freelance web developer: 

1. Make a solid portfolio

One very important thing a customer looks for in a possible freelancer is whether you will be capable to deliver. In case you are new to the field of freelancing, there is a 90% possibility you will lose out on your projects to a more talented freelancer. Overall, customers are spending too much money on their valuable projects, and they wish a highly accurate result.

Rarely, though, a potential client does not only select the most talented freelancer but in its place spends some of their time to check the profiles of some other freelancers who provided to work at a much reasonable price.

2. Steal the Chance and Impress your Client

Currently, you have a chance to persuade the customer that you are best to give a try. You must impress the client; you must have a substantial portfolio.

By portfolio, It doesn’t mean one with so many showy designs and graphics. Perfect portfolios utilize a simple design as well as show off the best out of the best work you have completed. In case you have worked on any big projects at your permanent job, you should put up some screenshots and a project description.

Stay away from bragging too much–you must be very much clear and specific.

3. Work for free

New freelancers face a dilemma: To get new projects, you must have standing based on projects you have completed already. But as you are starting from scratch, you don’t have any projects and no standing.

Whenever you feel yourself in this situation, your major objective must be building your status, except for getting paid. It will assist you to gain some knowledge, make some new contacts as well as begin to create your portfolio.

4. Explore Your Contacts

You can even check with local companies and find if they are searching for any software development that matching with the services you are offering.

Discuss it with your family and friends. These days, every small or big business is having its presence online. Your current network can get you in touch with anyone searching for the services you are offering.

Make a well-designed business card with your email and name with contact details too. Let them recognize that you will be providing your freelance services at a reasonable price for a limited time.

5. Get reviews, then display them

Suggestions play an important role in getting more and more business. Possibly, you are to hire a mechanic suggested by a friend compare to the one you saw in any advertisement.

Reviews can give your status as a freelancer a necessary boost. After you have done a project, you can make it a point to get a review from your customer.

When you are adding reviews to your online portfolio, confirm to include the name of the client as well as the company. It makes a much-needed difference, mainly if prospective customers have heard of the companies or clients you list.

Remember all the reviews are not similar. Comprehensive, results-oriented testimonials leave a long impression and work superior to vague praise.

When you get in touch with clients for reviews, you request them for feedback as per on numbers. Or you can request them to be clearer in their feedback.

6. Contribute tutorials/articles to other websites

The more excellent way to gain expertise in your field is with the help of writing. Writing some tutorials or articles for a famous website can offer you too much exposure. And the greatest part is, you also get some money for it.

When you have published some tutorials or articles, with links to the excellent ones in your online portfolio.

7. Spread the word and market yourself

Advertising and marketing perform a very important role once it comes to landing some projects. You must make yourself recognized in places where you can find some potential customers.

You can also meet with customers both offline and online, and you must have a plan for both.

When you are going to meet with a potential customer in person, keep a friendly and casual tone. A customer is possible to hire you in case you can connect with her or him, so stay away from being overly formal.

8. Be passionate

In case the person does not seem interested in doing work with you right now, change the conversation into a private chat. You can become friends with them a bit as well as build a friendly, good relationship. Confirm to follow up with the outlook later and keep him in the circle, in case he needs your expertise in the coming future.

Under that blogging is one effective tool that lets you set up an online presence. Blog regarding your specialization and show off the samples of your best work.

9. Join meetups

If you have some social connections, then they can have a great impact on the growth of your career. 

While there are so many social networking websites that can be an excellent way to interact with different people and to make new friends, I will recommend that you start the old manner.

Having a simple discussion with someone over a coffee cup assists parties to know the other perfectly, and it can assist you to leave a good impression.

10. Add Some open-source projects

While some possible customers do not have a background in software development, others do, and these customers want freelancers with good knowledge. Doing work on some open-source projects is a good way to set up your credibility with customers like these.


To get success as a freelance developer, you much have the expertise, a solid track record, portfolio, and a strong connection. Luckily, you can begin without these and make them up over the passing time. Soon, you will get enough business.

Kitty Gupta